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INTERVIEWING and meeting with entrepreneur Sajeet Soudagar in a short period, Kak Fas can confidently say he is, as the old saying goes, a ‘jack of all trades.’

Sajeet is not only the Tech CEO of his company, Knight Information Solutions, skilled in solution design, new technologies, and IT strategy, and interested in the psychology of learning, but he is also making a name for himself as an author. 

His book, ‘Silencing The Lambs,’ sold over 400 copies on its launch day, May 25, 2024.

His previous achievements include successfully managing the interface with DHL's global offices and internal customers across 144 countries, and managing businesses in the UK, Middle East, India and Malaysia.

At present Sajeet is the International Academic Advisor at Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM).

That’s a brief introduction to Sajeet Soudagar, whom I met at a ‘Meet & Greet’ session of ‘Kolam Bakat Terbuka’ organized by the Creative Digital Media Organization, headed by its President, Alias Abu Bakar, at ASWARA (National Academy of Arts, Culture & Heritage), Kuala Lumpur, recently. Also present, Malaysian entrepreneur, Ariff Fadli Abd Wahab.

FROM left: Ariff, Sajeet and Alias.

The session was held in conjunction with ASWARA’s 30th Anniversary and the Final Year Assessment Festival (PETA) for students, notably in the creative writing faculty.

According to Dr. Azman Ismail, Director of the Center for Research, Conference, and Publication at ASWARA, PETA is an annual festival assessing over 300 final-year students from seven different faculties.

“And this session, organized with the cooperation of the Creative Digital Media Organization, is to assess five final-year students in the field of creative writing,” said Dr. Azman, thanking Sajeet Soudagar for his valuable time in sharing his experience and thoughts with the students.

SAJEET (right) presenting his book to Dr. Azman.

Sharing his views about the ‘Kolam Bakat Terbuka’ session, Sajeet remarked, “This is a very good sharing session for talented students, and the industry is hungry for this kind of talent.”

His advice to them is to never stop learning but to keep furthering their studies, as there is a bright future for talented creatives.

Though an IT expert, Sajeet’s journey as a writer began during the pandemic, and within two years, he managed to complete two books, with ‘Silencing The Lambs’ being his first.

“My next book is actually a prequel to ‘Silencing The Lambs,’” added Sajeet, who hails from Mumbai, India but has lived in Malaysia for 25 years since marrying Kiran, a Kuala Lumpur native.

Regarding his future plans, Sajeet will soon be launching ‘Silencing The Lambs’ in his home country, Mumbai, before proceeding to other places such as Singapore and Australia.

“I will be leaving for Mumbai soon for the preparation of launching the book there,” said this bachelor’s degree holder in computer engineering from the University of Bangalore.

Not dismissing the idea of turning his thriller narrative into a film, Sajeet, however, is more inclined towards developing ‘Silencing The Lambs’ into a drama series.

“I have spoken to a few filmmakers who are interested in developing it into a drama series focusing more on Alia Merican, the main character in the story,” said Sajeet, adding that he will soon be venturing into writing children's books based on Alia Merican’s journey.

‘Silencing The Lambs,’ published by Firdaus Press Publication Sdn Bhd, kicks off with 5,000 copies at a selling price of RM48 in Malaysia and will also be launched in India, Singapore, and Australia soon.

"Silencing The Lambs" is a gripping tale of historical mysteries, unexpected twists, and a woman's quest to uncover the truth. It's a story where the past is not just a memory but a living, breathing presence that challenges the fabric of the present. Join Alia as she navigates through layers of history and conspiracy, where each revelation is more startling than the last.

Sajeet’s interest in thrillers began at a young age when he was fond of watching spy movies.

“I have traveled to many places and enjoy exploring historical sites, which inspired me to combine thrilling stories with historical times,” concluded Sajeet, hoping his first book will be well-received and enjoyed by all.

For those who wish to meet Sajeet can join his next 'Meet & Greet' Session at MPH Bookstore @ The TRX Exchange coming 13th July at 11 am.

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