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Selain daripada Avenue K, Kak Fas juga mendapat jemputan daripada pusat membeli-belah ternama, Pavilion KL yang saban tahun juga tidak terlepas daripada kreativiti pihaknya menarik pengunjung dengan hiasan yang unik dah gah.

Sempena  Tahun Baru Cina bulan ini, Pavilion menyambut kehadiran Tahun Tikus dengan mempersembahkan karakter Walt Disney terkenal, siapa lagi jika bukan Mickey dan Minnie.

Nak tahu lanjut sila baca ceritanya dalam Bahasa Inggeris di bawah ya buat tatapan pelbagai kaum yang membaca blog ini:

Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia’s premier shopping destination, invites you to “The Prosperous Reunion” together with Disney’s Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse. 

In partnership once again with The Walt Disney Company, Pavilion KL is the place to soak in the festive d├ęcor with plenty of Mickey and Minnie elements. 

Greeting you at the Centre Court are larger-than-life 3D figurines of Mickey and Minnie dressed in traditional Chinese attire, sitting atop a majestic golden rotating base that mirrors the effect of a musical box. 

This eye-catching pair measures 20 feet high and is awarded by the Malaysia Book of Records as the “Biggest Rotating 'Mickey & Minnie' Sculpture”.

As you walk down the Spanish Steps, be mesmerized by towering prosperity pillars and high above, Mickey Mouse lanterns reflect the festivities with joy and abundance. 

Plenty of photo opportunities and fun activities await at Centre Court – take a picture with Mickey and Minnie under ten feet LED cherry blossom trees or hit the Five Drums of Prosperity to usher in good health, prosperity and longevity! 

Take a walk on the interactive LED lake and watch as schools of koi follow. Also, don’t miss out on the chance to purchase delightful Mickey and Minnie merchandise. 

“Pavilion KL once again collaborates with strategic partner Disney to present you with the iconic and award-winning Mickey and Minnie to celebrate the Year of the Mouse. In our multi-cultural society, we love celebrating each other’s unique cultures, and Chinese New Year is one of many festivities we share and celebrate happily together, regardless of race, religion or background”, says Dato’ Joyce Yap, CEO of Retail, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur during its launch.

The launch was also attended and officiated by the Minister of Federal Territories, Hj Khalid Abdul Samad.

“As Malaysia’s premier shopping destination, Pavilion KL leads the way in presenting spectacular decorations and exciting activities for all festive celebrations like Hari Raya, Chinese New Year, Deepavali and year-end Christmas. This is because we believe that festive ambience and activities create an unbeatable experience that online shopping can never deliver. These experiences of spending leisure time and creating everlasting memories with loved ones, form the foundation of family and social bonding that keep our lives fulfilled”, she continues.

An Abundance of Prosperity 
During this time of good fortune and goodwill, Lancome’s “From Our Family to Yours” campaign offers shoppers great promotions and activities. Be pampered with complimentary skin consultation, product samplings and auspicious lip makeup service to get you flawlessly ready for Chinese New Year. Shoppers may also enjoy tote bag calligraphy and be rewarded with auspicious mouse ornaments or dough dolls that resemble the Chinese zodiac. 

Pavilion KL’s partnership with Tiger will see the brand taking over the entire Connection precinct, Level 3, promising exciting Tiger experiences to shoppers. 

Get ready to whip out your cameras for plenty of interesting photo opportunities, try an amazing variety of delectable delicacies at the Chinese New Year market or try your luck at the “Huat Ar” game booths. 

Prosperous Rewards
Tiered rewards benefit all shoppers this Chinese New Year. Shoppers will be able to redeem:
  • A pack of exclusive Mickey and Minnie Ang Pow packets with a minimum spend of RM300 in a single receipt.
  • An exclusive Mickey and Minnie Mandarin Carrier Bag with a minimum spend of RM500 in a single receipt.
  • An exclusive Mickey and Minnie Mini Vacuum Flask with a minimum spend of RM800 with Maybank credit or charge cards.
  • A Mickey Candy Tray with a minimum spend of RM3,000 in a single receipt (RM1,500 with Maybank credit or charge cards).

Aside from indulging in auspicious Chinese New Year festivities at Pavilion KL, shoppers and visitors will be treated to a host of exciting oriental-inspired performances. 

Check out the World Dragon & Lion Dance Cultural Exhibition showcased at Dining Loft, Level 7, exhibiting the unique origins and heritage of the dragon and lion dance art. The exhibition is open to the public from 1st January until 9th February 2020. 

For more information, visit Pavilion KL’s website at, Instagram account at or contact Pavilion KL’s Concierge at 03 2118 8833.

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