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Pemain perseorangan badminton negara, Lee Zii Jia seperti semua insan pernah merasai kemenangan mahu pun  kegagalan sepanjang hidup.

Sungguh pun beliau berjaya merebut gelaran Juara All-England tetapi tewas pula memiliki pingat emas pada Sukan Olimpik Tokyo 2020 baru-baru ini.

Namun yang pssti perjalanan pemain muda berusia 23 tahun ini masih panjang untuk membuktikan kehebatanya bahawa dia juga  tidak akan menyerah kalah.

Dan, dalam usaha menunjukkan penghargaannya kepada rakyat Malaysia yang sorakannya telah mendorongnya untuk terus berjuang tanpa rasa takut, Lee Zii Jia tanpil  menulis dan membawakan sebuah lagu, yang dihasilkan bersama dengan OPPO Malaysia melalui video muzik sempena pelancaran telefon pintar terbaharu siri Reno6 Z 5G, berjudul 'Ten Thousand Emotions, in Portrait'.

Wah boleh nyanyi rupanya pemain badminton berasal. Kedah ini ya? Jom kita baca selanjutnya dalam Bahasa Inggeri  bagi memberi peluang semua pembaca Kak Fas serata dunia mengenai perkembangan terbaharu Lee Zii Jia ini.

LEE ZII JIA, who recently made waves on our local shores with his first ever Olympics appearance, broke many hearts when his journey there ended earlier than what Malaysians hoped for. However, it also united the nation, with many rallying the 23-year-old to not give up. In an effort to show his appreciation to Malaysians whose cheers have motivated him to continue pursuing his badminton journey fearlessly, Lee Zii Jia has written and performed a song, produced together with OPPO Malaysia and shot a music video on a Reno6 series smartphone.

In the video, Lee sings of the rollercoaster of emotions he experienced throughout his journey in becoming the athlete he is today – from bitter and stressful moments to happy victories. 

However, at the end the song, he assures Malaysians that he will come back stronger every time, thanks to the never-ending support from them. 

In a partnership with the OPPO Reno6 Z, Lee was able to capture his most emotional moments accurately. In line with the smartphone’s launch last week, the portrait expert smartphone features some amazing portrait-taking capabilities, such as bokeh flare portrait, that allows one to capture every emotion, in portrait.

It is now possible to experience the beauty of Bokeh Flare Portrait on the OPPO Reno6 Z on both front and rear cameras. Capture the beauty of lights as the Bokeh Flare Portrait feature seamlessly transforms background lights into a dreamscape of floating spheres, while brightening the star of the portrait – you! 

You can now experience professional-level photography with just one click.

Portrait beautification is a feature that many smartphone users enjoy while taking photos. Now, you can take that to the next level – by doing so in videos! 

Combining the recognition of up to 193 key facial feature points for video, Portrait Beautification Video on Reno6 Z delivers subtle and natural beautification effects for your portrait videos. With eight video beautification tools including ‘Smoothen’, ‘Thinner Face’, ‘Bigger Eyes’, and more, you have the liberty to make yourself look your best on your video reels and vlogs, without losing your natural facial features.

However, the OPPO Reno6 Z’s camera and design are not the only things that make this smartphone special. Apart from that, it also comes with a series of features that will give users convenient and memorable hands-free experiences.

The OPPO Reno6 Z allows users the use of Air Gestures on popular social or video apps, so that using the smartphone is still possible even if your hands are dirty or occupied. 

Simply wave your hands from a distance, and you will see the app scroll! Moreover, answering a phone call without actually touching the OPPO Reno6 Z is possible as well, so you can rest assured that you will be able to answer an important call even while busy doing the dishes. 

The OPPO Reno6 Z is also equipped with an AI-sensing algorithm that automatically detects when someone else behind you is peeping at your screen. You no longer have to worry if anyone behind you is stealing a look at your text notifications, as this AI will detect those peeping eyes and hide the contents of the pop-up notification to ensure privacy.

The OPPO Reno6 Z and Reno6 5G are priced at RM1699 and RM2399 respectively. 

Official sale began yesterday, 14th August 2021. 

Purchases were entitled to free gifts worth up to RM779 including 1 Year HeyTap Cloud Service with 1 TB Storage Space (worth RM343), Powerbank (worth RM99), Smart Tag (worth RM79) and Bluetooth speaker (worth RM99).

Moreover, the first 100 customers who make the purchase via OPPO’s official channel on Shopee were also entitled to an additional Mighty Mug and culinary set worth RM159.

A RM30 OFF Shopee Voucher wass also redeemable via the My OPPO App after purchasing any Reno6 Series smartphone. 

However, sad to say, all gifts were only applicable for purchases made on 14th August 2021 but do try in the TikTok Challenge ending this 26 March 2021 and stand a chance to win prizes worth a total of RM11,000 plus the brand new OPPO Reno6 Z!

To know more about the OPPO Reno6 Z TikTok Challenge, do visit this LINK

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