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the release of lead single ‘Before You Leave’ – which is quickly becoming a hit in NZ reaching #2 All Airplay and #3 Peak NZ SpotifySix60 double down on the anthemic vibes with their new song of the Summer ‘Never Been Tonight’ (out now via Universal Music NZ/Virgin Music).

“’Never Been Tonight’ is the song we were most excited about recording and releasing off our new record Castle St” says lead singer Matiu Walters

“It just feels like Summer in NZ to us, and with the weather getting a bit better it finally feels like the world is getting back to normal.

“’Never Been Tonight’ is a celebration of the best nights of your life and the best nights that are still to come. It’s already become our fast favourite live song in rehearsals," added Walters.

At last able to spend time in the same room together after a long and strict national lockdown, the Dunedin-born 5 piece relished the opportunity to be reunited again and opted to make their new album live, in-person, in the studio together - performing all instruments and vocals themselves - hailing back to their formative years as a college house party band.


Already out October 7th, the album Castle St  features 10 brand new tracks including ‘Before You Leave’ and ‘Never Been Tonight’. 

Of the new album, Matiu says:

We are very excited to share the new music, give over the single and get everyone ready for a new album. This isn't the kind of music you can make by yourself in your bedroom. It won't just be our instruments you hear on the upcoming music, but all our vocal harmonies and BVs were done by the band as a whole. It really lets you feel the breadth and spirit of SIX60. An album that is real takes a lot of love and trust by the people involved and adding our fans into that circle is a really exciting next chapter.”

Though the most commercially successful and award-winning band in New Zealand’s history, SIX60 gained worldwide recognition last year when they performed a sold-out tour across their home country, while the rest of the world isolated. This captured the world’s attention, as images and footage of their joyous, celebratory performances in New Zealand highlighted just how much the world missed live music performance.

SIX60 were covered by the world’s media at the time, as the band were featured on TV, radio and press across the globe. 

BBC News highlighted that the shows are just unimaginable right now - the rock band SIX60 are out every weekend playing to thousands of fans in their extended segment on the band back in January 2021, ITV’s Good Morning Britain also featured the band, with then-presenter Piers Morgan citing them as “the hottest band in the world right now”.

NME featured the band, interviewing Matiu for a feature which noted that the band arecurrently the planet’s biggest touring band”, and CLASH Magazine reviewed the show - the only live music review on the planet at the time: 

SIX60 are riding high and don’t look like they’ll be stopping any time soon”. In a lead interview in The Telegraph newspaper, the band’s show at Auckland’s Eden Park stadium was named ”the biggest gig since Covid began

The show was the most-shared entertainment story in the world that week - despite taking place the same weekend as The Oscars.

Formed in 2008 and named after the student house they met in, SIX60 are a multi award-winning, platinum-selling five-piece pop/rock band from Dunedin, New Zealand. 

They have released four number one albums, and a string of top ten singles including mega-hit ‘Don’t Forget Your Roots’ and live fan favourite ‘Sundown’. 

Their sound melds roots, reggae, rock, pop, soul and dance - a mix of the band’s 5 members’ disparate influences.


Saturday 29 October 2022  

Sky Stadium, WELLINGTON 

With Special Guests: Tones and I, Supergroove, Coterie and Niko Walters


Saturday 5 November 2022  

McLean Park, NAPIER 

With Special Guests: Drax Project, Sons Of Zion Coterie and Paige 

Saturday 12 November 2022  

Rotorua International Stadium, ROTORUA 
With Special Guests Kora, Rob Ruha with Ka Hao, Coterie and Kaylee Bell  

Saturday 19 November 2022  

Eden Park, AUCKLAND 
With special Guests: Lime Cordiale, Supergroove, Ladi6 and Coterie 


Saturday 10 December 2022  

Orangetheory Stadium, CHRISTCHURCH 
With Special Guests: Lime Cordiale, Lee Mvtthews, Coterie and RIIKI REID   



Saturday 4 March 2023 

Forsyth Barr Stadium, DUNEDIN
With Special Guests: Kora, Mitch James, Coterie and Hina 


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