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ARE you an Artisans? 

If so then am sure you are aware of this existing artisans digital mall known as The Artisans Haven.

And for those who am not aware of this beautiful ‘haven’, it  is set in a 100 acres of virtual estate with an art gallery, convention centre, theatre, comedy club, happyness retreat, live studio & study abroad campus. All under one roof!

Founded by Jade Lee, an ex-banker, and Rosalie Lin, founder and marketing director of DCR Marketing Sdn Bhd, they are a group of seasoned, semi-retired and retired business managers working pro bono, leveraging on online skills and network, to create and sustain a digital commerce for artisans.

“We have many proudly Malaysian Artisans with exquisite products and talent, and it is our pleasure to share them with everyone,” says, Ng Jia Jun, Group General Manager of The Artisans Haven.

Ever since the platform went live in October 2020, The Artisans Haven team is putting a great deal of effort to provide a more lively and seamless online experience to its audiences and customers. 

In fact, since April 2020, The Artisans Haven has worked  hard to develop the virtual platform which comprised of various local brands and products ranging from hand-crafted creations to special art creations by not only talented artisans but also hobbyists, who which to showcase their products and services. 

“Here, you do not only buy a product but at the same time, you can hear about the story behind these brands and how the products and services offered are created,” explained Ng Jia Jun.

Now, taking Covid-19 challenges with stride, the professionals at The Artisans Haven embark on its challenging journey with a single aim, to build a virtual space to host local artisans and businesses in a single place. 

“This is to share the back-end storied of these brands to the public,” Ng added.

Explaining further, Ng said ‘The Artisans Haven showcases the beauty, grace, fun and excitement by artisans in their world with the aim to inspire  amd support local Artisams during this difficult times so they can find ways to sustain and breakthrough from these economic changes.

Artisan products are not prominent in portals or platforms with large numbers of retail or commercial products. It is harder for small artisan businesses to run online marketing, and manage his/her own handiwork production.

“It has been an exciting journey for us ever since we launched the platform back in October 2020.  We are grateful knowing that we are not alone or helping these local entrepreneurs to grow their businesses. The partners that we engaged have been really positive and given us a lot of opportunities to work with them.  Now, The Artisans Haven can advertise their Artisans’ talents to our partner’s customers through their social media, e-mail and website.” says Ng.

Chee Li Har, the founder of GoCHeeKS, has 32 years of experience in the banking industry. It started as a stress-relieve, but soon, Li Har’s collections grew and many of her peers were encouraging her to create something wearable. In the end, GoCHeeKS range was born, with a variety of scarves, ladies bags, tees and more. 

Facing the COVID-19 pandemic, Li Har used her skills to produce some beautiful patchwork face masks. Inspired by an Italian designer who pivoted to making a face mask, she created bags, Patch-a-Bling pocket tees and her line of patchwork masks. Her masks and other handmade products are exported to Singapore, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Australia, USA, Canada, Macau, Indonesia, and the Philippines. GoCHeeKS is offering limited-edition patchwork bags and Patch-a-Bling pocket tees for this coming festive season.

Another artiisans, Julia Jules Wan founded the Candle Pit Stop which aims to create a one-stop centre for natural scented candles. 

Committed to making common scents uncommon which help to elevate a person’s mood,  Candle Pit Stop has incorporated little quips and puns as part of their brand, hoping to put smiles on the faces of everybody who sees them. 

“Candle Pit Stop is a very playful and colourful brand,’’ said Wan, who hopes that it can be a household name for bright and cheerful scents.  

Ending the year with Christmas and New Year celebration, Candle Pit Stop is having year-end packages which include five vintage-themed room mists, one of which is a limited edition Christmas scent, and gift boxes.

The Artisans Haven is proud to be collaborating with a few well-known partners such as Maybank, UOB and Digi to create awareness for the local Artisans and also bringing quality products and services to their customers. 

Planning ahead,  in early 2021, The Artisans Haven will be introducing an e-commerce marketplace whereby Artisans can promote and sell their products or services. 

“This will create a seamless shopping experience for our customers,” said Ng hoping for a better year ahead.

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