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2020 is a Pandemic Year which means the coronovirus is affecting everyone globally, changing all aspects of our lives yet has lead to surprising new beginnings.

Due to the rapid changes brought about by the pandemic, many business sectors has taken a big hit, what more to a non regulated business sector such as interior design.

“I believe there are many aspects of the real world that are not taught to budding interior designers in universities, that is why many set up and fail quickly,” shares Ed Mun who believes that all should learn from COVID-19.

But, who is Ed Mun?

Ed Mun is a creative doyen in the Malaysian Interior Design industry with over 30 years of experience specialising in retail and corporate interior design. 

He is the founder and design director of Malaysia’s independent design firm Space Utilisation Analyst (S.U.A) Interior established in 1989 and has a passion for challenging the norm by creating fresh, optimized spaces that invoke, involve, invigorate, and inspire the denizen.

But why is he so concerned about the fate of interior designers?

“I believe there are many aspects of the real world that are not taught to budding interior designers in universities, that is why many set up and fail quickly,” shares Ed Mun in an exclusive interview with him recently.

“It is only through passing on wisdom and experiences openly, will the young designers learn to practise good business ethics, finances for the long haul in this industry,” he added.

With that objective in mind, Ed Mun sees the need to assist the interior design industry by sharing his experiences, knowledge and know-how to budding startups.

Through his channel “Insight Interior with Ed Mun" (IIEM) it serves as his design thinking application, processes, and the realities of the interior design industry in hopes to improve the survival rate of interior design startups in a regulated but unenforceable industry.    

The channel focuses on 3 market segments, interior design education for an interior design audience, serves as a guide for property owners enable the general society and consumer to build a functional relationship with their personal space 

IIEM is all about bridging the gap between professional industry players with the consumers and budding interior designers.

“This channel is designed to help new designers achieve economic independence and to open their minds to the nature of such a high pressure industry, focusing on interior design education for an interior design audience and serves as a guide for property owners and the general society,” said Ed Mun.

His specialty trade secret of pushing design boundaries is by incorporating scientific measurement, psychology of space, human behaviour and Zen theory to develop an original method of in space assessment, hence providing holistic, cost- effective solutions for his notable clientele that includes Samsung, Hong Leong Bank, Mary Kay, Volvo Malaysia, MURAD Beauty, Hong Leong Bank, Al-Madinah University and Fuji Xerox to name a few. 

To date, Ed Mun has started building his connecting from MCO time, nevertheless the master class series planning started in September 2020. 

From this year onwards, Ed Mun plans to share at least one master class video per   month and he will continue to create insightful tutorial videos weekly. Also, Ed is taking some time out from his working hours to connect personally through his  '5 Mins With Ed Mun" LIVE conversations where one can connect with him personally on FB Live and IG Live every Friday, 3pm. 

Sharing his belief that all should learn from COVID-19, Ed feels it is his duty as the experienced leaders to share and build up the confidence within the younger generation.

“We are, after all entering into a new era, "The Great Reset”, the old rule book no longer applies,” he added while calling all youths  to be agile and flexible while the world is changing and evolving at an exponential speed.

Ed Mun believes that youth today are ready to dive right into new possibilities therefore it is his duty as the experienced leaders to share and build up the confidence within the younger generation.

“Youths are the future leaders, they play an important part in building the nation and shaping the country. Given the right skills, I believe in them and the change they can bring,” quoted Ed Mun.

So for all those interior decorators or upcoming designers out there if you want to learn from this well learned man himself do check out all videos that are currently available on all Insight Interior with Ed Mun (IIEM) social media platform.

Facebook : @insightinteriorem

Instagram : @insightinteriorem

Twitter : @insightedmun

YouTube : Insight Interior with Ed Mun :

LinkedIn : Ed Mun

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  1. such an inspiration. walaupun tak kenal ed mun but reading this i know he inspired many people

  2. Such a great guy and still wants to dedicate some time off to give back to community by sharing his knowledge.
    And I like how he called the current era ‘The Great Reset’ as it allow everyone, even Earth to reset ourselves during pandemic

  3. This is interesting, okay esok 3PM nak tune in on the FB and IG Live session la.. sure can have valuable take-away knowledge from his sharing.. (Y)

  4. Bukan senang juga nak cari ID yang lama pengalamannya macam Ed Mun ni.. dan tak lokek ilmu nak berkongsi.. moga beliau terus berjaya..

  5. Nice interview of Ed Mun. I agree a good Interior Design will make us feel home and warm. I love to see beautiful Interior Design in magazines coz I don't have much budget to do it

  6. Usaha yang sangat bagus, berkongsi pengalaman kejayaan dan memberi inspirasi kepada generasi muda yang mudah mengalah hadapi cabaran

  7. I might have heard of his name. All budding interior designers in Malaysia should learn from his experience and expertise.

  8. A man with so much passion for Interior Design and willing to share his experience.

  9. Ini first time dengar nama Ed Mun. Sangat memberi inspirasi :)

  10. 1st time dengar nama dia tapi sangat terisnpirasi. Org2 macam ni la yang banyak memberi inspirasi terutam bg yg ada bisnes

  11. love how insightful and inspirational this article is. it's always good to know what's inside the mind of a successful person!