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Texas’ own indie pop creator Zachary Knowles shares a
 meaningful piece of himself with the world with GOALIE (Live From Somewhere in Texas).


It’s an exhilerating live performance of two tracks from his latest EP GOALIE, which was released October 14th via FADER Label. 

The captivating offering sees Knowles perform EP tracks “WRONG SIDE” (co-written with Mr. Hudson, John Legend, Kanye West, Duran Duran + more), and “JUST STAY FOR ONCE,” with support from a full band. 

The video was shot at the legendary Texas venue Billy Bobs in Fort Worth, a place that many Texans hold near and dear to their hearts. 

For over 41 years, Billy Bob’s has hosted the biggest stars in country music and classic rock from Alabama to ZZ Top. Now Zachary Knowles has added himself to that list of legends.  

Growing up in small town Magnolia, TX (Houston), Zachary Knowles always dreamed of performing at the world renowned venue, making this offering a true full circle moment. 

Billy Bobs has brought people from far and near to witness performances from generational artists, and Zachary Knowles is the next generation of Texas born and raised artists to make a name for themselves.


With over 70M global streams, 1M+ monthly listeners on Spotify, and a fan base of 100k+ across social media, it's clear that Knowles has found his calling through his unique ability to connect with listeners through his art. 

Knowles' work speaks for itself, marking him as one of the most intriguing and capable emerging song crafters to date. 

He has spent his entire life leading up to this moment. Hailing from Magnolia, Texas, Knowles was bit by the musical bug at an early age, when his parents gifted him a light-up keyboard in first grade. 

"I started teaching myself songs on there, but I always kept it to myself," he explains. 

It didn't take long for Knowles to run with his newfound talents; Eventually, Knowles transitioned into writing his own material, and he was pleasantly surprised at the online reaction to his own work as it racked up tens of thousands of streams on SoundCloud almost immediately: "I fell in love with making music. I'd come home from school and write as much stuff as I could."


In his freshman year of college, he set a goal to release something properly and ended up with a series of well-received singles that led to a full EP of music, touching on influences ranging from John Mayer to Post Malone and, most predominantly, Justin Bieber

He released his Magnolia EP, a collection of songs that take direct inspiration from his small-town upbringing, young love, and the lessons that come with growing up. 

Knowles' music has a strong ethos - to forge deeper connections with those around him by reaching deep inside to expose the commonalities that bond everyone in this universe. 

"I just wanna reach people," he explains. 

"My whole dream at the start of this was to build relationships, whether it's with one person or a hundred people. Personal connections to others are so important. Music is a really cool way to express yourself in a real way and talk about real-life things, rather than what others want to hear." 

It’s an admirable aim, and you'll definitely want to hear what Knowles has coming next.

You can connect with Knowles on his sosial media platform @zacharyknowles


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