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A visionary
in the luxury fashion industry, BERKIM makes history in Malaysia as the first fashion brand to launch its ground-breaking Real World Assets (RWA) in the form of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs).

By leveraging blockchain technology, BerKim is democratizing access to luxury fashion heritage and investment opportunities like never before, setting a new benchmark in Southeast Asia.

“Assuring product authenticity, building trust among our customers, and ensuring safety in online buying as a result, Mysac is our first online store and Berkim is using technology like blockchain to enhance customer's trust, authenticity, and transparency,” said Founder of BerKim, Kimberly Lee at the launch of Berkim’s Real World Asset (RWA), NFTS in Luxury Fashion and Forum entitled “Convergence of Traditional Business Models of Web3 for Sustainability and Profitability With MDEC, MATRADE & OE Academy”  at the Grange @Ampwalk, Kuala Lumpur recently.

Kimberly who is a huge believer in real-world efforts and building uunchained solutions added that at BerKim, their mission is always refining boundaries of creativity and accessibility within the fashion industry.

"By integrating blockchain technology into our platform, we emphasize authenticity, community engagement, and learning, bringing fashion enthusiasts and investors together on a transformative journey where fashion meets technology.” she said.

BerKim's RWA NFTs offer a curated collection of 1984 unique tokens, each representing a piece of fashion history. 

This innovative approach offers holders exclusive benefits, including access to fashion assets, social engagement opportunities, and investment rewards. 

"We expect the market value of our NFTs to increase exponentially over the next few years and provide significant returns to our holders," Kimberly continued adding that their NFTs are inspired by iconic women in fashion history such as Lady Gaga in the Meat Dress, and Audrey Hepburn's Breakfast at Tiffany’s.”

Also present at the event is the Head of Esg/Deputy Director of MATRADE, Edison Choong and Founder of OE Academy and Shareholder of the luxury boutique, Datuk Wira Dr. Calvin Khiu.

"First and foremost, when we talk about digitalization in businesses there is a need to go down the basics of digitizing because in our country there is a gap in terms of digitizing information. 

“Once you have that digitization computed, you can live on digitalization. In terms of technology, and businesses, this is something that can always be advocated for, and I believe that leveraging our technology can definitely expedite businesses in terms of also operational excellence, It is definitely a solution in the business field." said Edison Choong.

Meanwhile, Dr. Calvin in his speech commented, ”This venture highlights the intersection of luxury fashion and cutting-edge technology showcasing the potential for new business models that drive both profit and sustainability.”

The key features of BerKim’s NFTs are as follows:

  • Curated Collection: Each of the 1984 BerKim NFTs represents a unique piece of fashion history within our curated collection, capturing iconic moments in the world of fashion.
  • Benefits for Holders: BerKim NFT holders enjoy exclusive access to fashion assets, community engagement opportunities, and learning resources. They also receive free airdrops of fractionalized fashion assets and periodic investment rewards.
  • $Berkim Token Rewards: $Berkim Token rewards are exclusively reserved for BerKim NFT holders, offering additional incentives and benefits for participation in the BerKim ecosystem.
  • Limited Supply: With only 1984 BerKim NFTs available for purchase, each corresponding to a unique piece of fashion history, BerKim NFTs are a limited and exclusive asset.

In conjunction with the launch, the forum "Convergence of traditional business models and WEB3 for sustainability and profitability”  that was held reinforced the value and importance of NFTs in business, with prominent representatives from MDEC, MATRADE, and other notable organizations in attendance to support the initiative. 

Leaders and participants discussed the integration of blockchain for sustainable growth, and explored innovative strategies and the transformative impact of the technology on business models and sustainability initiatives.

From the day of launch, BerKim will offer NFTs to the market, each tied to actual luxury items displayed in the newly opened luxury fashion store, MySac

This store, launched in conjunction with BerKim's NFT project, showcases some of the valued luxury bags represented as NFTs. 

As part of its commitment to innovation and expansion, BerKim has already embarked on an Asia tour in April, visiting Dubai, Singapore, and Bangkok

This tour set the stage for BerKim's upcoming Europe tour in October, further solidifying its presence and influence in the global luxury fashion market.

In clonclusion, this historic launch emphasizes BerKim's commitment to innovation and excellence whilst by combining timeless elegance with Web3 technology, BerKim is setting a new standard in the luxury fashion industry.

For more information, do visit or click this link HERE.

About BerKim:

BerKim is at the forefront of revolutionizing fashion with NFTs. Our curated collection of 1984 unique NFTs captures iconic moments in fashion history, democratizing access to fashion heritage and investment opportunities. We prioritize authenticity, community engagement, and learning, aiming to redefine the boundaries of creativity and accessibility in the fashion industry. 

Join us on a transformative journey where fashion meets technology, and where community and learning are central to every interaction.

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