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MAX Pope recently releases new single ‘(Not) The End Of The World’

The song paints an honest picture of someone in their early twenties, who is overwhelmed by personal events whilst moving forwards in a world that seems to be exploding before our eyes.

However, ultimately ‘‘(Not) The End Of The World’ is a track of hope and of Max’s dreams that he holds on to.

The new single follows Max’s previously released “In Limbo” EP, featuring tracks "Hologram", 'Candy', and "Just Friends" which garnered support from the likes of BBC 6 Music (Lauren Laverne and Guy Garvey), BBC Radio 1 (Annie Mac, Jack Saunders and Arielle Free) as well as key playlists on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, and YouTube.


The EP is being re-released in physical format courtesy of Flying Vinyl – an independently owned company that distributes music from cherry-picked up and coming artist to its subscribers in 7” Vinyl.

When asked about the track Max said: “I don’t believe in narrowing down the listening experience by confining my songs to one meaning. I want my music to be interpreted freely and keep my imagination alive.”

Max will be playing a socially distanced show supporting Lola Young at the London Jazz Cafe on 8th October as part of their rising UK talent program.

For Max Pope, music has always been entwined in his life. And it’s a life that has not always been easy for the young soulful singer.

“In some ways, I always felt like an outsider,” Max says.  

After being unhappy with the direction he was being pushed in, Max quit music two years ago and took up a job as a gardener.

Even now, when he is not making music, Max can still be found tending to flowerbeds and lugging kilos of compost around the gardens of south London, work he cherishes for helping him feel connected to the world.

It was work that proved life-changing. After a year away, songs began pouring from him again and Max found himself filling up notebooks with new music.

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