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“The global R&B superstars in waiting” - ROLLING STONE 

“This new endeavor expands their intoxicating sound and further cements their thriving reign within the R&B space.” - VIBE 

“No Guidnce is bringing a new edge that could easily slide into the golden era of R&B during the 1970s and ’80s.” - HYPEBEAST 

“The Uk newcomers are proving to be a major force in R&B having only released their first ever song back in March” - BILLBOARD 

“The UK collective are undoubtedly on the cusp of a breakout moment, both here and in the States” - COMPLEX 

“No Guidnce are primed and ready to join the renaissance by bringing their own brand of boy band nostalgia into the present.”  - NME 

“Stealing hearts with angelic harmonies and making waves across oceans” - ONES TO WATCH 

THE above clippings are what the press wrote in praising the explosive R&B group 

No Guidnce.

To those who are still unfamiliar with this group, No Guidnce  is the product of four young men comprising Londoners Zeekay, Ebubé, Josh & Kaci, who came together to find community and provide connection to others through their deep love for music. 

The group’s one-of-a-kind magnetism is nurtured through their real life friendship and genuine brotherhood that is hard to resist. 

While they manage to thrill with insatiable melodies and their collective soaring talent, the group is establishing an extraordinary legacy for their largely immigrant families and communities through the power of deep representation and shared values that is connecting with millions around the globe. 

The group has quite certainly taken the music arena by storm, reaching accolades rarely seen with new artists and a true testament to their unmatched star power. 

With only a handful of songs under their belts from their debut past March, the group has quickly grabbed the attention of many stretching across every corner of the world. 

Very early on, they garnered large praise from beloved artists such as Summer Walker, Diddy, Timbaland, Babyface, Stormzy, Labrinth, Miguel, Snoop Dogg, Lucky Daye, JoJo, Justine Skye and Boyz II Men themselves. 

Additionally, the group has racked up millions of streams on Spotify and views on TikTok, amassing over 2.8M followers and not to mention over 1 billion views last year alone.

The group also has six of the most-viewed R&B videos of all time across the platform and were the sixth most-viewed/followed artists on TikTok within the UK last year, coming out of the gate with a robust social media following that they carefully and rigorously built by hand. 

Their massive worldwide success couldn't be clearer as they recently sold out their first ever shows in Europe and the United States with fans lining up for hours to get a glimpse of the wunderkinds

Today,  No Guidnce return stronger with two new insatiable singles, “White Tee” and “Long Walk,” alongside a companion music video and bonus acoustic version of White Tee

They proved that R&B is more alive and necessary than ever. Their debut Is It A Crime? EP was born from collaborations with an all-star team of producers & writers on the project that include Victoria Monét (Ariana Grandé, Nas), JR Rotem (Rihanna, Bad Bunny), Akeel Henry (Giveon, John Legend), Lunchmoney Lewis (Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne) & Theron Thomas (Lizzo, Usher) to name just a few

The group has brilliantly established a new lane in music that will undoubtedly transform the musical landscape unlike we’ve ever seen before. 

Now with their two new songs, the group inhabit the classic R&B sound that raised them and has remained central to their own signature sound, cementing them as a major force in the genre today. 

“‘White Tee’ tells the story of loving a girl in her rawest form. This song was a different sound for us but came very naturally in the studio after we decided we wanted to make a love song, and the bridge is so fire.

“While, on  “Long Walk”, as a group we love so many different styles of music, and with this song, 'Long Walk', we wanted to create a fusion of a hip hop and an R&B sound. A story of meeting someone new in the modern day, put to music,” said No Guidnce.

Here, the four men relish in the deeply palpable desire for love over melodies that boast their incredible range and an undeniable magnetism that is unlike anything else in music right now. 

Directed by Ryan Jafarzadeh the visual captures the group in their ultimate element, bonded in brotherhood and soaring as newest heartthrobs to hit the scene. 

The songs arrive hot on the heels of the release of the group’s highly anticipated new Spicy EP and their breakthrough Is It A Crime? EP

After producing back-to-back staggering singles, the group has carved out their own lane in the larger music arena and established a global cult following in only a matter of months. 

Building on their colossal rise, the group was currently on their first ever tour supporting the beloved singer Mahalia across Europe until last November 7th. (Full tour dates of Mahalia’s. concert and tickets can be seen at this LINK. 

Listen to 'The Spicy' EP HERand to the 'Is It A Crime' HERE whilst 'White Tee/Long Walk' HERE.


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