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month, dance music’s most prolific pioneers Underworld announced new track denver luna - an enchanting acappella curve-ball accompanied by the Jon Gorrigan directed video below:

Today they share the fully-formed, amplified version delivering 8 minutes of pure Underworld magic from the minds of Rick Smith and Karl Hyde.

Both versions work to show the creative duality of Underworld. One slots into the other seamlessly. 

The acappella provides intimate clarity on their idiosyncratic lyricism and vocal melodies. 

The full length, complete version taking you on a musical journey, pulling memorable stylistic notions from classic Underworld with driving, immersive force whilst morphing their infamous sound into something very new and very fresh. 

Invigorating and vital, it continues to cement Underworld as pioneers of the UK electronic music scene.

Underworld’s impact on British culture over the years is not to be underestimated. 

Their universally recognised sound has soundtracked countless lives and has been bringing joy to fans globally for over three decades, not least with their ever evolving live shows. 

Notable appearances for 2023 include a sold out Royal Albert Hall in London, a crowd-rousing Coachella set in Palm Springs, a headline slot at electronic music festival Junction 2 in London and an exultant Lowlands festival where they topped the bill.

Listen to ‘denver luna’ HERE.

Follow Underworld HERE.

For more information do contact / / 

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