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THE romance of Valentine’s Day for this month of February kicks off with the anouncement and unveiling of Cuura Space’s art installation - Creating Shared Connections — in collaboration with renowned Malaysian artist, Kar Wai Chan.

Held recently at SWOL Cafe, Bangsar, the event features an innovative display—an entire bedroom set suspended on the wall, adorned with doodles and paintings of artistic brilliance of Kar Wai’s latest series; Cupid Rhapsody: Way Back To Love.

Guess Cuura Space may not be too familiar to some as it is to your’s truly also, so lets embark first on what is Cuura Space right?

Cuura Space, is known for its exclusive online approach to offering Nordic-inspired furniture directly to customers, revolutionises the furniture industry by providing a seamless online shopping experience, eliminating on-ground and middle-men expenses to offer customers the most competitive prices. 

With a 30-day return policy, coupled with free installation and delivery services, the brand ensures that customers can enjoy their purchases with peace of mind. The brand also allows customers to experience the furniture in person, collaborating with venues and partners for limited-time showcases in and around Kuala Lumpur.

“We at CUURA Space will transform the way Malaysians buy furniture. We want to elevate the shopping experience by making it natural and approachable while ensuring each piece of furniture is crafted with purpose.

“Instead of relying on what we think consumers want, we use content and data to get to know our customers better - so we can create varieties of furniture, styles, determine colours, even right down to adjusting minute measurements to cater to the entire market. This is made possible by taking this simple but bold idea of selling furniture online,” said Benny Lim, Founder and CEO of CUURA Space during the event.

FROM left: Kevin, Kar Wai, Benny and Zellent Tan.

Off course, together with him is the artist herself, Kar Wai Chan as well as CEO of Sommni, Kevin Tan and Founder of SWOL Cafe, Zellent Tan.

“It’s not merely about seeing and touching furniture; it’s about crafting an immersive experience in different spaces to connect with our brand,” added Benny.

With its  latest exhibition, Cuura Space is breaking new ground by hosting an art installation that challenges conventional presentation methods. 

“We’re looking to change the way people view furniture, literally and metaphorically. We normally view furniture as just things, objects you expect to find at home, but in truth, they offer so many opportunities for connecting and improving relationships — from the sofa, where you can sit and spend time with your loved ones, to your dining table where meals and memories are shared, to the bed, where you can share intimate moments with your significant other. 

“By displaying these pieces alongside Kar Wai’s artwork, we’re aiming to showcase these opportunities for connection — something relevant during February since Valentine’s Day is this month,” commented Benny Lim.

As for Kar Wai, she is a  self-taught Malaysian artist that has gained recognition in the art scene for her vivid tapestries capturing life's diverse moments. 

Her artwork, previously featured alongside prestigious brands like McLaren and Lamborghini, and displayed at major events such as F1, showcases her unique talent. 

Anf for this collaboration with Cuura Space Kar Wai chose to showcase her latest art series, the exhibition centred around the theme of Cupids exploring the many themes of love, aligning perfectly with the ambience of February.

“There is no one shape of love — platonic, romantic, healthy, and unhealthy — it comes in all shapes and forms. The Cupid series examines the many forms love can take, and how it can exist between people, or even for memories and events,” shared Kar Wai, before adding, “Even the exhibition method is centred around that, the paintings display the shapes of love and how it connects us, while the furniture exhibits highlight how these connections are formed.” 

Reshaping the furniture viewing experience, the exhibition invites visitors to immerse themselves in an upside-down museum scenario, where the boundaries between art and furniture dissolve. Backed by the watchful eyes of cheerful cherubs and cheeky cupids, the exhibition only encourages the spirit of connection, celebrating the beauty of shared moments and the intimacy of spending quality time with loved ones. 

Exhibition visitors can also enjoy a unique purchase with a purchase offer when they visit from 3 February to 29 February

With the purchase of a drink from SWOL, they can receive a code for  5% off their next purchase from Cuura Space

Also available for customers is a free drink redemption from SWOL Cafe when customers share pictures of their visit on Facebook or Instagram and tag Cuura Space (@cuuraspace)

The collaboration also aims to connect the audience with the brand, showcasing furniture in a manner that is both creative and accessible, not only highlighting the aesthetic appeal but also the quality of the works on display — both in terms of artwork and furniture, spotlighting pieces such as:

  • The Elsa, a three-seater L-shaped sofa in crips white;
  • The Amber, a four-seater sofa in cheery yellow;
  • The Willia, a modular three-seater sofa, available in clean white, warm orange, or a  soft spring green;
  • The Tutha coffee table, a low-seated, table in minimalist white;
  • The Verra dining table, a refined Sintered Stone table available in sizes S, M, L, and XL;
  • The Abater bed frame, a solid wood frame which boasts a soft Bouclé upholstery, and is available in sizes Queen and King.

Visit the exhibition throughout the month of February at SWOL Cafe, Bangsar for an unforgettable fusion of art and furniture, as Cuura Space and Kar Wai Chan redefine the boundaries of creativity in the world of interior design. 

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