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product of Korea’s most celebrated personal care brand enters Watsons with Signature ingredients and Award-Winning Packaging Design that is made with love and enriched in science - Milk Baobab®.

What is its goodness and benefits?

With the hot weather engulfing us daily these days, skin wellness has become a concern to many consumers, having the thought of keeping skin balanced in an urban life.

With that in mind, Milk Baobab® has come up with a solution that is pretty simple for those who live a busy urban life and safe for every household. 

“We are excited to introduce Milk Baobab® to every Malaysian who is seeking quality excellence from its ingredients designed perfectly from head to toe. The Milk Baobab® range contains the purest foremilk of New Zealand with the vitalizing African Baobab Seed,” said Cho Hyun (middle) Managing Director of Taenam Malaysia at the launch of Milk Baobab®,  held at The Rabbit Hole, Kuala Lumpur, today.

The launch of Milk Baobab® was also witnessed by Danny Hoh (left)General Manager of Marketing & Customer Growth of Watsons Malaysia.

What makes Milk Baobab® more relevant for today’s household is that the ingredients are carefully selected and made suitable for the urban household whilst portraying a touch of retro vibe with its award-winning packaging design. 

“Unlike many brands these days who don’t make products by themselves, 100% of Milk Baobab products are manufactured within our facilities, with international production standards. We hope to deliver our values to people in Malaysia through our qualified products,” added Cho Hyun.

Milk Baobab® that comes in three selections for the hair, bath and lotion will be made available nationwide across at least 300 Watsons stores

Consumers can choose from variants of White Musk, Baby Powder and White Soap.

The White Musk comes with a fresh, innocent and pleasant floral fragrance giving the skin comfort while the Baby Powder range is sweet with a strong powdery fragrance to give a boost to one’s charm and confidence. 

The White Soap carries a refreshing, clean, soapy fragrance that relaxes the mind and body. 

According to Cho Hyun, every range of Milk Baobab® in the market undergoes an average of 6.2 months of development process and 85 times of extensive clinical trials from the brand’s research and development centre which is led by professional dermatologists. 

At the launch, guests were also introduced to a product sharing by Rose Nicotine and Joey Kong who gave a closer glimpse of the three ranges. 

Milk Baobab is sold  within the price range of  between RM14.90  to  RM49.90

For more information on Milk Baobab®,  do visit or just click HERE.

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