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conjunction with its 30th Anniversary, Watsons Malaysia hits another milestone to its remarkable feat with the opening of its first largest standalone store in Klang Valley at the Anggun Rawang township at Anggun City.

“Serving as Watsons' first standalone store in the Klang Valley, it is specifically designed to offer new and exclusive shopping experience and accessibility for all, including families, children, the young and the elderly, and complete with dedicated parking spaces for our customers," said Caryn Loh, Managing Director of Watsons Malaysia and Regional Exclusives Director of Watsons, at the grand launch of the Watsons standalone store in Rawang recently.

Also present is Philip Gan, CEO of Anggun Rawang City; Danny Hoh, General Manager, Marketing & Customer Growth, Watsons Malaysia, artis & supermodel Amber Chia, Watsons Celebrity Friend and Watsons’ business partners. 

As the No. 1 O+O health and beauty retailer in Malaysia, with over 700 stores nationwide, this new store type aims to introduce a new store space concept with a more spacious design and vibrant color schemes.

Committed to offering a diverse range of products including skincare, cosmetics, health care, personal care, beauty tools, confectionery, and household products, this store introduces new sections in-store such as a dedicated Kids’ Wonderland for babies up to the toddler stage, providing a comprehensive shopping experience for mothers and children.

“Additionally, it features a more spacious waiting lounge, and a tester counter equipped with a water basin, facilitating customers in trying out the testers with ease,” added Caryn.

CARYN (middle) with Amber Chia (green) and Danny Ho (right) as well as celebrity friends at Watsons Anggun City store in Rawang.

Notable enhancements include a K-Beauty pillar showcasing the best-selling brands, an exclusive W Table displaying trending skincare and cosmetics, and a Natural by Watsons Sustainable Choice Bay with refill and recycle features. 

On top of that, customers can unleash their creativity with the Instagramable wall feature when they visit Watsons Anggun City.

“We want to bring a store that is close-to-home for customers in Rawang and surrounding townships, giving our customers and members the chance to enjoy a convenient shopping experience,” said Caryn.

To enhance the store experience, it offers comprehensive pharmacist services that provide health screenings for blood pressure, BMI, and glucose, along with medication consultations for shoppers. 

On top of that, Beauty Advisors and Store Assistants are available to keep customers well-informed and assist them while shopping in-store.

Commemorating its grand launch, from February 7 to 11, 2024, Watsons Anggun store is offering special promotions, a lucky draw with purchase, a free health check and free makeup services by Maybelline in-stores. 

Visit Watsons Anggun City Rawang now and for more information and promotion, check-out or get daily highlights from Watsons Malaysia Facebook, Instagram, X and TikTok. 

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