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second edition of Miss Amazing Malaysia 2023/2024 finalists  sees 12 girls/women aged between 16 to 38 years vying for the title, coming 7th January 2024 on a Sunday at 
 Jasmine Banquet Hall, Petaling Jaya for the Grand Finals.

The pageant is an unconventional attempt at redefining beauty pageants that provide a platform for women with – physically challenged and intellectually challenged (Autistic and Down Syndrome) to be part of a beauty pageant.

“The first Miss Amazing Malaysia pageant took place in 2019 and was a resounding success. Now, after a 4-year break due to the pandemic, we are ready and I am happy to announce the launch of the second edition. This delayed return is a testament to our commitment to ensuring a remarkable and well-prepared event, ” said Miss Maynicca Devi Rajamanikam, the Founder of Miss Amazing Malaysia at a press conference held at Bunglow37 in Bangsar recently.

The event was also graced by  the presence of lagendary singer, Datuk Zainalabidin Mohamed and wife, Datin Angelina as well as Lila Ruzaini as co founder of Miss Amazing Malaysia together with all 12 finalist and reigning Miss Amazing Malaysia 2019, Sofia Lovi Ramasamy, acting as host.

SOFIA (left) as host while Lila and Maynicca (right)  together organized Miss Amazing Malaysia since 2019.

Maynicca Devi who was herself a beauty queen when she emerged as first runner-up in Mrs India Worldwide Malaysia 2018 reminded Malaysians to recognise that there is great potential within each differently abled woman. 

In her opening speech, she added that the mission of Miss Amazing Malaysia is to create a supportive and enjoyable environment where women with unique qualities can cultivate confidence. 

“This platform endeavors to empower these women, fostering an environment where they can recognise and attain their full potential, ensuring the fulfillment of their rights. These finalists shared with me deeply moving sentiments, expressing how touched they were by this opportunity. 

“For many, it was the first time someone had extended a hand to showcase their skills, and some were even in tears, grateful for the opportunity to finally reveal their true selves. Their emotional responses have touched my heart and have made my efforts truly worthwhile”, added Maynicca.

Meanwhile, sharing his interest on the occasion, Zainalabidin uphold his thoughts of showering fullest support for Miss Amazing Malaysia.

“Be it in any way I will truly support this event and hope the final nights would be an event much thought of by everyone who attends.” said Zainalabdin giving  a hint of a singing performance during the night.

Preparation for the grand finals:

Throughout the ongoing period leading up to the grand finals, numerous relevant and exhilarating self-development programmes have been meticulously organised for the finalists. 

These include engaging in personalised activities for personal growth and interpersonal skill development, participating in specialised workshops on catwalk and image consultancy, and receiving tailored guidance in grooming, makeup, and fashion styling that aligns with their unique personalities. 

They will also undergo training in communication and public speaking, participate in fitness programs, embark on enriching social responsibility field trips, and enjoy complimentary sponsorship services.

During this time, finalists will accrue points based on their attendance, commitment, active participation and personal transformation

“These activities are designed to further enrich their journey, ensuring a comprehensive and holistic preparation for the grand finals,” said Maynicca.

MAYNICCA introducing the finalists of Miss Amazing Malaysia 2023/24.

She added, in the careful selection of these finalists, they needed to possess good health without significant medical conditions and exhibit proficiency in understanding basic instructions in either English or Malay. Additionally, as part of the application process, they were expected to complete and sign a formal agreement.”

The  12 finalist  from various ethnicity and religious beliefs,taking part in the unique beauty pageant that celebrates women with differences are The Diffetently Abled Girls (DA) and the Down Syndrome Girls (DSG).

The Differently abled girls (DA)  are Hayley Kong Poh Yee, a video game producer who is an Atopic Eczema; Sarmeshvari Tan, Home Baker who has end Stage Kidney Failure and Foot Amputee; Rajvin Kaur Randhawa, Motivational Speaker  as well as Laughter Yoga Leader who is a spastic quadriplegia; Linges Warry Apparao, ESG Executive cum Digital Content Creator and Entrepreneur who is diagnos with Nemaline Rod Myopathy, Progressive Alveolar Hyperventilation Syndrome and Scoliosis; Shanti S. Mugunen, a postgraduate Student and Doctor who is Spondyloarthropathy.

Next are the Down Syndrome Girls (DSG) and they are Nurul Fatini Aziuddin; Soffiah ZammilSuganya A/P Visaya KumarKhairunnisa M. Naser; Nur Nazahiah Nasaruddin; Fauustiina Rai Xavier and Syafi Amani Azlan.

Good luck to all!

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