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down with wrinkles sign showing at young age?

For those who are above 25 and worried about fine wrinkle lines emerging, dont fret as there are solutions to every skin problem.

Why not try the latest Youth Secret range from Collagen By Watsons.

Yes, Watsons Malaysia just launched its latest range in the collagen category, promising to unlock the secret of ageless skin. 

The re-launched range is packed with an advanced formula that caters to the needs of all skin types.

The all-new Youth Secret range is made with Collume® (vegan collagen) and active skincare ingredients in the vegan formulation – Dual Retinol and Hyaluronic Acid, offering an all-around anti-ageing and firming solution.

With Collume®, it is 20 times more powerful than marine collagen in skin moisturization, protection from blue light, and improvements in firmness and elasticity.

Additionally, the Dual Retinol is equipped with Vitamin A and double types of retinoid strength for outstanding anti-aging power, while using a lower molecular weight of Hyaluronic Acid with a higher absorption rate to help combat dryness.

These solutions contribute to improving the signs of ageing, including fine lines, loss of elasticity, dull skin, and skin fatigue.

Watsons Malaysia continues to stay in line with the current skincare trends, meeting the demands of today. 

With the relaunch of Collagen by Watsons Youth Secret, Watsons wants to provide the best quality products for the customers while maintaining trust in the brand, offering a product range that is timely for ageless skin. 

The Youth Secret range is available in seven types of products designed to sustain skin improvements in firmness and elasticity.

This range includes Foam Cleanser (NP RM39.90), Toning Essence (NP RM59.90), Supreme Serum (NP RM89.90), Night Nourishing Cream (NP RM79.90), Eye Concentrate (NP RM69.90), Anti-Wrinkle Multi Balm (NP RM69.90), and Wrinkle Filler Serum (RM69.90)

Undeniably, the star of the Youth Secret range is the Wrinkle Filler Serum, which targets fine lines and wrinkles for firmer and youthful skin, while the Anti-wrinkle multi-Balm is the solution for anti-ageing and smoothing effects, suitable for use before and/or after makeup.

Customers can enjoy up to 20% off for the Collagen by Watsons Youth Secret range at all Watsons stores nationwide and online from now till 8 January 2024.

On top of that, Collagen by Watsons will be having an activation with savings up 30% from 2 until 4 December 2023 at Plaza Arkadia, Sunway Pyramid and Nu Sentral

Collagen by Watsons Youth Secret is now available at Watsons stores and online. Visit or CLICK HERE.

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