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ARE you an ardent fans of the duo, Fuying and Sam or in short FS?

Haven’t seen them on stage for a while this year right? Well, as we are all aware the year 2020 have been an unforgettable and challenging year. 

The pandemic has been a great impact globally and totally changed the way we move ahead with our daily norms. 

It has also taken away from many of the social and entertainment activities that we all love as we have to self-isolate to protect ourselves and our family. 

But fret not,  as there is something special coming for FS fans.

Yes, during this challenging time, FS will be having a live show soon, 'FS ∞ Infinity Global Exclusive Online Music Live'.

Through hardwork and tough journey from many people and parties concerned this ‘Online Music Live’ is set to bring hope and joy to everyone.

FS ∞ Global Exclusive Online Music Live will be broadcast free on the social entertainment platform Yippi this 28th November 2020 (Saturday), 8.30pm.


The show is in conjunction with Fuying and Sam’s  8th anniversary and is dedicated to all the fans and partners who have supported and helped made FS journey possible from the very beginning.

The no. 8 when turn sideways is the symbol for infinity ‘∞’ which is also for everyone that are braving through daily struggles during this tough period, striving to do their best while staying optimistic of infinite possibilities. 

“Previously in our concerts, we have mainly performed our own songs, but for this FS ∞ Infinity Global Exclusive Online Music Live, we will be performing more cover songs. 

:”There will be themed medley of iconic evergreen songs and song in multiple languages to cater to the wider global audiences who tune and enjoy the overall experience.” said FS.

They added, this music live is definitely a new experience for them but will work hard and give their best to bring happiness, love and hope through the array of music selection. 

With that in mind, FS will be inviting their ‘power’ friends - Ribbon Ooi and Jeryl Lee as their special guests to give the global audiences an authentic overall music live experience. 

“In the past 8 year, it has been our privilege to collaborate with many singers and to commemorate our journey  we specially invite Ribbon Ooi and Jeryl Lee as our special guests. 

“We worked with the multi- talented Ribbon Ooi in the past and have fast become friend as well in real life. In addition we also have our super talented ‘little sister’ Jeryl Lee to further enhance the music live. There is no better way to give the audience an unforgettable music experience by having our friend Ribbon Ooi and our ‘sister’ Jeryl Lee on board to share this memorable moment on stage, ” said both FS.

To witness what magical moments FS with special guests Ribbon Ooi and Jeryl Lee will bring during the music live, do not miss this once in a lifetime music event. 

Remember, watch 'FS ∞ Infinity Global Exclusive Online Music Live' on Yippi, this 28th November 2020 (Saturday) at 8.30pm. 

'FS ∞ Infinity Global Exclusive Online Music Live' is organized by RAM Entertainment with support from Yippi and Day One Day One Noodles. 

Jeryl Lee (middle) with Fuying & Sam. Pix kredit IG @lovejeryllee.

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