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70 years i
n the market, who am not aware of the brand name TOSHIBA?

As one of the world's famous television (TV) brands, Toshiba TV has always been providing users with a range of TVs with superior cinematic visual and high fidelity sound qualities that provide an ultimate reality TV viewing experience.

This year, Toshiba upscale Malaysians' entertainment experiences with its range of smart TVs, including both Toshiba Ultra HD 4K TV Series (Z770, M550L, and C350L), and Full HD or HD ready series (V31 and V35)

All the mentioned series offer a variety of Smart OS, including Android TV, VIDAA TV, and Google TV, for particular models to fulfill Malaysians' needs. 

The quality of life has continued to improve, and the competition in the TV production industry has become more intense over the years. As a global leading TV brand, we are always proud of our “Designed-in-Japan TVs” that provide users worldwide with ultimate entertainment experiences, and we know how vital tuning to a TV is. 

"Hence, all Toshiba TVs are well equipped with our iconic REGZA Engine, which is fully tuned in our lab in Japan to reproduce the reality and naturally vivid colours in the way a creator intended. We will keep improving ourselves with more innovations and technologies, and will never stop seeking ways to produce the best quality TV that provide users with extremely realistic and immersive entertainment experiences, which is aligned with our key message - Be Real, Be Brilliant," said Tatsuhiro Nishioka, Brand Manager of Toshiba TV Global. 

Below are the Toshiba TV 2022 Product Line Up Series in Malaysia: 

Immersive Viewing Experience

REGZA Engine 4K Pro is the iconic core processor developed for Toshiba TV, which REGZA stands for "Real Expression Guaranteed by Amazing Architecture". 

By equipping this REGZA Engine 4K Pro to every Mid-range and High-end Toshiba Ultra HD 4K TV, users can experience visuals beyond imaginations and pure sounds to users worldwide.

On this processor, Toshiba TV Z770 provides users a theatre viewing experience with the unique AI 4K Upscaling and Picture Optimiser technologies.

The AI 4K Upscaling technology intelligently reproduces the detailed texture and upscales viewing contents to near 4K quality, whereas the AI Picture Optimiser technology, which Toshiba TV Z770 exclusively features, enables an AI real-time optimisation on picture quality. 

Apart from the REGZA Engine, Toshiba TV also applied the TV gateway technology, Quantum Dot Colour Technology, to their flagship Toshiba TV Z770 and the recent launch Toshiba TV M550L series to deliver natural pure vivid colours. 

This particular technology turns every scene to be more vivid and stunning by delivering over a billion shades of colour. Toshiba TV believes that tuning is the key to present a perfect scene. Hence, both models can offer users impressive scenes in accurate colours with the original restoration technologies and fine-tuned colour mapping of Toshiba TV. 

Ultimate Cinematic Sound Quality

Both the smart 4K and smart TVs of Toshiba TV are paired with great sound systems. 

Toshiba TV owns an iconic audio system known as REGZA Power Audio that generates rich and thick acoustic sound to create immersive experiences for users. 

With cutting-edge technology and carefully tuned by audio professionals, it enables users to feel the sound directly coming from the screen and to present the human voice realistically. 

As an iconic model of the 70th Anniversary, the Toshiba TV M550L features the REGZA Power Audio Pro and BAZOOKA Bass Woofer, while Toshiba TV Z770 is exclusively equipped with this REGZA Power Audio Pro+, the Quad Passive BAZOOKA Bass Woofer, and Front Firing Speaker, producing heart-shaking bass sound and soul-stirring reality. 

Toshiba TV M550L and Z770 feature a powerful combo of the premium Bass Woofer series as the total speaker output powers are 48W and 80W, respectively.

Aside from the visual-audio features, a Smart TV OS is also one of the features that users will consider when buying a TV. 

To be in line with the market trend, Toshiba TV also offers a wide range of Smart TV OS, including Android TV, Google TV and VIDAA TV, meeting everyone's needs and allowing them to reach their favourite content more efficiently, even from their phone to TV. 

Beyond the Smart OS system mentioned above, there's good news for Apple users. 

As for Apple users, the newly launched M550L and C350L feature Apple AirPlay and Apple HomeKit, allowing them to stream movies, games, music and photos seamlessly from Apple devices to the big screen. 

With Apple HomeKit technology, users can easily control the TV from iPhone, iPad, HomePod mini, Apple Watch, or Mac.

World-Class Craftsmanship Meets Style

With the bezel-less and minimalistic design of Toshiba TVs, they deliver fantastic viewing experiences that can fit into the living environment and help to immerse viewers into scenes based on the philosophy of Essential Beauty. 

Creating a stylish look for consumers, Toshiba TV has pushed its design team to the next level by offering both quality and elegant elements in all their range of televisions. They applied pure anodized metal to deliver a stylish TV while retaining a strong and rugged build, providing users with truly modern look TVs. 

The elegant appearances, live-streaming viewing style and fantastic sound features have made Toshiba TV 2022 Line Up become a combination of a grand theatre, stadium, opera house and virtual world. 

FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ 

In conjunction with the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™, Toshiba TV is proud to announce that they are an official TV of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ this year and have launched a Goal Goal TV Sales and lucky draw contest from now onwards to 31st October. 

Malaysians can save up to RM2,500 by purchasing the newly launched Toshiba TV M550L (55") or C350L (75") through the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ MEGA Offer, and those who purchase the Ultra HD 4K TV Series are entitled to an exclusive gift as well as Touch N Go(TNG) voucher up to RM70

Apart from that, customers who participate in the lucky draw will stand a chance to win a series of prizes which include eight FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ tickets as the grand prize, RM500 TNG voucher for second prize, and the third prize will receive RM 200 TNG voucher.

To participate in the lucky draw, customers must purchase a TV worth RM1,999 or above, fill in details, and submit the purchase proof via or CLICK HERE.

The TVs eligible for this opportunity are Toshiba TV Z770, M550L series, and C350L series.

To find out more information about Toshiba TV 2022 Line Up, visit Toshiba TV Malaysia's official website here or their official Facebook page for more products and promo details. 

Also, stay tuned to their Instagram account @toshibatvmalaysia and their official YouTube and TikTok account for the latest product information. 

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