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the legendary singer Marilyn Monroe declared in her entitled song 'Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend', it is indeed perfect whilst everyone loves diamonds, be it women or men.

Who would reject diamonds as a gift from loved ones right? Or even buying it for oneself. 

However, not all women could afford to buy these precious gemstone considering quality diamonds that possessed the graded 4Cs (Color, Clarity, Cut and Carat Weight) can cost a sum of money.

Today, with the development of Sains & Technology, synthetic diamonds which is more affordable to the mass market are available of which one of them are the gemstone, Moissanite (silicon Carbide), can be treated as a diamond simulant.

And if you are the person that loves gemstone which is affordable yet 'shines like a diamond' maybe Moissanite would be the choice.

Now, look no further as leading Malaysian ethical jeweller Greyscorff officially launched their very first physical outlet at Glomac Galeria Hartamas in Desa Sri Hartamas recently.

The launch event was attended by a host of celebrity guests that included Greyscorff Brand Ambassador & partner Datin Seri Mastura Yusoff,  Miss Universe Malaysia 2020 Francisca Luhong James, Miss World Malaysia 2012, Lee Yvonne, VIP guests Dr Daljit Gill Founder & Managing Director of Klinik Alam Medic Group of Clinics and Datin Selwinder Olikh COO of GLOJAS Smart International Aesthetics, various influencers, other invited guests and members of the media.

Formerly known as Moissanite Malaysia Sdn. Bhd, the company was established on 25th March 2019 by Terrence Goh (CEO), Dr Ivan Ling (CTO) and Thanita Gill (CFO). 

FOTO Kredit: Dragon @rentaksejuta.

LEFT standing: Terrance Goh, Dr. Ivan Ling while seated are Thanita & Mastura.

The pioneering company, a standalone offshoot of Lee Heng Jewellers & Goldsmiths, a 70-year-old family-owned local business spanning 3 generations, was the very first to sell Moissanite gemstones in the nation. 

In keeping with the times, it was established with a commitment to sell high quality diamond alternatives in Malaysia at affordable prices and based on pure elegance, class and a touch of ‘joie de vivre’.

Greyscorff aims to create the perfect piece of jewellery that will last a lifetime with its customers. 

Moissanite, a recently discovered gemstone can do just that. Lab-grown Moissanites are affordable, durable, and with refractive index that is higher than that of diamond, and shines brighter than diamond.

Greyscorff focuses on crafted innovation, utilizing the latest technology in the industry to deliver the highest possible product quality for the price.

The fundamental values of Greyscorff are grounded in transparency, simplicity and creativity. Greyscorff believes in paying for the stone, not for the inflated prices of marketing the stone.

In his welcome address,  Terrence Goh explained that the high costs related to diamonds is nothing more than a marketing scheme targeted at the engagement market.

“With the blood or conflict diamond controversy since the nineties, it’s safe to say that despite their luxury status, diamonds have not received the best reputation,” the young change maker expressed, referring to diamonds mined in a war zone and sold to finance war.

“People have now begun turning to more sustainable and ethical alternatives in lab-grown diamonds and Moissanites.” he shared.

“Lab-grown Moissanite is comparatively more affordable and durable, and carries a refractive index that’s higher than that of diamond. It literally shines brighter than a diamond,” Goh added.

“Conscious and more socially aware about sustainability and the environment, the newer generation have begun looking at alternatives such as lab-created diamonds and Moissanite. It appeals to a variety of buyers, many who are conscious of the potential for exploitation in the diamond industry. In current economic times, we believe the public also understands the magnitude of their spending power and appreciate the lower comparative cost of buying lab gemstones over natural diamond,” Goh further expressed.

As lab diamonds and Moissanite continue to grow in popularity, Greyscorff is committed to addressing customers’ concerns about these splendid stones. 

Although they have read about Moissanite and Lab Diamonds, some buyers are still skeptical and unwilling to buy, not having never seen the gems in person which is why Greyscorff is there to bridge the gap.

Growing rapidly, Greyscorff has been supplying lab diamonds and Moissanites to customers all over Malaysia via their online store over the last four years, and now through their newly set up Kuala Lumpur showroom. 

For those outside of Kuala Lumpur, they also provide a free service which allows potential buyers to view Moissanites from the comfort of their own homes. 

Customers just have to pay a fully-refundable deposit and Greyscorff will mail loose stones directly to their doors for a preview.

Greyscorff celebrates life’s cherished moments, conscientiously. Not only are their Lab Diamonds and Moissanites ethically sourced, they are much kinder to the environment, giving buyers guilt-free alternatives without the need to sacrifice style and sophistication.

Greyscorff is the leading ethical and accessible brand for premium lab-grown engagement rings in Malaysia. 

Greyscorff specialises in timeless, unparalleled designs and bespoke lab-grown diamond and Moissanite engagement rings.

By providing low volume, bespoke production services, Greyscorff is able to offer competitive pricing and personalized services, while creating a strong emotional connection between their customers and their skillful team of jewellery designers in crafting each unique piece.

Greyscorff aims and strives to provide ethical and eco-friendly fine jewellery that will last a lifetime through through their positive community impact and exclusive use of lab-grown gemstones. 

Prioritising sustainability and responsibility, Greyscorff’s designs are synonymous with exceptional craftsmanship, empowering couples to embody their values for generations to come through exquisite beauty and style.

THANITA (left) assisting Francis Luhong (middle) while trying a bracelet. 

Greyscorff’s showroom features a range of their most popular engagement rings to grace clients with beautiful ethical stones, including Solitaire, Halo and Trilogy styles in Yellow Gold, White Gold, Rose Gold and Platinum.

Addressing the idea that diamonds are the ultimate status symbol for love and commitment,Greyscorff is presenting that narrative through its bespoke services.

“Every piece of our jewellery tells its own tale. We ask for their story, the message they want to convey through that piece of jewellery, be it an engagement ring, a wedding band or quite simply a pair of earrings as a gift, or to be worn by the customer themselves,” Goh expanded.

The process of creating a bespoke jewellery generally takes about three weeks from start to completion of the final product. The design process may require several reiterations over time to ensure that Greyscorff’s customers are indeed satisfied with the design before it goes to production.

“All our designs are within financial reach and we create a piece of jewellery together with you which will last a lifetime,” Goh concluded with a twinkle in his eye.

Although the engagement market may already have preconceived beliefs, diamonds are no longer the epitome of showing one’s love, as socially conscious young adults turn to more sustainable and brighter alternatives.

Time will tell whether Moissanites will eventually be the preferred choice, and Greyscorff aims to be the #1 trusted source of Moissanite for Malaysia and the rest of South East Asia.

After all, Moissanite “shines brighter than a diamond” and with that note Greyscorff aims to reach a sale of RM1 million within two years of operation after the opening of its physical store.

About Moissanite:

Moissanite is naturally occurring silicon carbide and its various crystalline polymorphs. It has the chemical formula SiC and is a rare mineral, discovered by the French chemist Henri Moissan in 1893.

The first lab grown moissanite was synthesized by Edward Acheson. Subsequently, Silicon Carbide coatings has been used in heavy industries, such as drilling and power-tooling to replace diamond coating.

Moissanite was introduced to the jewelry market as a diamond alternative in 1998 after Charles & Colvard received patents to create and market lab-grown silicon carbide gemstones, becoming the first firm to do so.

Moissanite is approximately 10 times cheaper than diamonds that are graded based on the 4Cs – clarity, colour, cut and carat. Moissanite, is graded based on carat as well. But not all carats are equal because moissanite is lighter in weight.

Moissanite grading uses a colour grading scale that is based upon the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) diamond colour grading scale.

There are three grades of moissanite available today: colourless (D-E-F range), near-colourless (G-H-I range), and with faint hues of colour (J-K range).

As a diamond alternative Moissanite has some optical properties exceeding those of diamond. It is marketed as a lower price alternative to diamond that does not involve the expensive mining practices used for the extraction of natural diamonds.

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