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again the forever innovative brand, SAMSUNG is giving their loyal customers another new experience, opening the year of 2023.

Indeed! The wait is over!

Unlock the Galaxy S23 Ultra camera through The Samsung Galaxy Space which is now open to the public located at APW Bangsar, for an extraordinary experiential adventure. 

The media had the first look at this awesome venue and some had the chance to be in the wefie pix taken with  their cosplay guest influencer, 'Hakken'.

From 3 March, 7pm to 12 March, 10pm, dive into four immersive spaces - The Alley, The Ballie, The Escape, and Splash Art - where you can snap baller photos, indulge your playful side, explore the coolest nightscapes, and let your creativity run wild. 

Be the coolest photographer in your squad and let the Galaxy S23 Ultra camera unlock your full potential. 

Capture mind-blowing low-light shots that will make your friends go "woah". 

Be sure to slay this photography game by showing your unique style and share your epic moments using #GalaxyS23 #ShareTheEpic #Send2MeLah #GalaxySpaceAPW.

Feast your eyes on these photos below and make sure to stop by the Galaxy Space to experience the coolest activities around!

Teaming up with Pingmin market, there are lit line-up of trendy workshops and activities that'll blow your mind. 

Get ready to tantalize your taste buds with the mouth-watering Daifuku workshop or unleash your inner artist at the Fluid Pouring workshop

And for all you DIY enthusiasts out there, don't miss out on the Tufting Coaster workshop, where you'll learn how to make some cool coasters using tufting techniques. And if you're a K-Pop fanatic, get hyped for the K-Pop Dance battle where you can learn the hottest Korean dance routines and show off your moves

Go through all four spaces and collect four stamps to get a free cup of coffee at the barista van once you've completed the entire experience. 

It's the perfect pick-me-up after taking on all the impressive spots in Galaxy Space!

Galaxy Space Team Challenge:

For even more excitement, Samsung collaborated with some of their very own #TeamGalaxy members for a social giveaway! 

So follow them closely on their Instagram and TikTok to learn how one can create epic content at Galaxy Space and win amazing prizes, including a brand Galaxy S23 Ultra.

Alexhkf - | 

Caedon Yeong - | 

Chang Yong - 

Shusen - 

Aniq - | 

So wait no longer, grab your friends and experiene the Galaxy Space! 

Stay tuned to Samsung Malaysia's social media channels for more updates!



For more information on Galaxy S23 series, do  visit: or just click  HERE.

Kak Fas: The Galaxy Space was indeed awesome, would have enjoyed more if not for my careless mistake of losing a vinyl blue bag filled with  cosmetic items bought from KLCC before joining the event at APW Bangsar...  Last remembered left it at the media bench but when returned to look for it,  it is no longer there even after announcement were made by the friendly PR of Priority... no one came to hand it back... guess whoever found it like the  new items just bought inside...huhu. So what else could be said but 'Let It Go' as Frozen songs spelled out !!...

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