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you a Watsons Club member?

If so, and if you are lucky, you may have the chance to walk away to a new home free of charge haha…

Jokes aside, yes… in conjunction with its 13th anniversary of Watsons Club Members this September, Watson is giving away one (1) Grand LBS Prestige Residence located in Sri Kembangan, along with shopping vouchers for more than 1,000 Watsons Club members.

All you need to do is by purchasing RM60 or more, either in-store or online, between September 5th and October 30th, 2023, you are eligible to win the grand prize of a home.

“This time around, we’re offering a “chic-ly” affordable serviced apartment, the Prestige Residence, to a lucky Watsons Club Member, “ said LBS Executive Chairman, Tan Sri Ir. Lim Hock San while feeling honoured to once again partnered with Malaysia's No.1 Retail Brand, Watsons Malaysia for the 2nd consecutive years.

With the launch of ‘Watsons Onz Weh (WOW) campaign in celebration of its 13th anniversary, Watson once again are pleased to announce the partnership with LBS to offer the grand prize of.a new home.

"Watsons Malaysia, the No. 1 O+O Health & Beauty retailer, is proud to celebrate another year with our Watsons Club members. With more than 8 million members to date, we want to continue leading and building the strongest loyalty program in the country,” said Caryn Loh, Managing Director, Watsons Malaysia at the launch of its campaign at 1 Utama New Wing recently.

Also present during the launch to commemorate the partnership are Dato’ Cynthia, LBS Executive Director; Lucas Lim, LBS Deputy CEO; Danny Hoh, Watsons Malaysia General Manager Marketing & Customer Growth and Watsons Ambassadors, Phei Yong and Ayda Jebat, who is at that time 5 months pregnant, yet still energetic and cheerul as always as she said:

 "Whenever at Watsons, I feel like getting everything and spend looking at each and every products without realizing that time is running fast and sometimes I prefer to shop online too as you can get it delivered on the same day."

Ayda Jebat has been with Watsons as its Ambassador for five consecutive years and with her charm and ability to shine with Watsons, no doubt Watsons might proceed to expand her contract as she hopefully hinted while translating what her partner, Phei Yong said in chinese.

Aida said, "Phei Yong said Thank You Watsons for taking us as your ambassadors forever', thus welcoming applauses from the crowd.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Watsons...From Left: Phei Yong, Danny, Caryn, Cynthia, Lucas and Ayda.

Caryn added, "Watsons would like to take this opportunity to thank our customers, especially our members who have been with us throughout these years. In addition to the grand prize, we are also offering various rewarding pillars, including e-Stamp Rewards, Watsons Club Rewards featuring F&B and lifestyle brands, exclusive offers for Watsons Club, and much more.” 

Additionally, Watsons Elite and Watsons online shoppers will receive double entries for every purchase made during this period. 

Furthermore, Watsons Club members can enjoy an additional RM13* rebate when they make a purchase online by applying an exclusive promo code, WSCLUB13, to take advantage of this promotion. 

‘On top of that, we are pleased to introduce Watsons e-Stamp rewards. For every RM40 spent in-store or online, customers will receive 1 e-stamp. Accumulated e- stamps will enable shoppers to redeem up to 15 products from our Watsons Online and Mobile app,’ said Caryn

In addition, Watsons Club Members can enjoy even more benefits through Watsons Club Rewards

Members simply need to present their membership card or use the app to access exclusive offers from our extensive network of 5,000 F&B and lifestyle merchants nationwide. 

Indeed, what Watson is offering is really ‘Wow” as its campaign named -'Watsons Onz Weh (WOW)’. Truly amazing don't you think? 

Anuway, for more information about Watsons Club, do visit or


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