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AMERICAN singer and songwriter, Anson Seabra, 27, who became known for multiple viral hits such as "Robin Hood," "That's Us" and "Welcome to Wonderland” has over 700,000 subscribers on his own music channel and popular on YouTube.

The 2019 lyric video for his single "I Can't Carry This Anymore" surpassed 2 million views in under 4 months.

And after the success od his sophomore album “Feeling For My Life” and his Christmas EP “A Heartfelt Holiday”, he states on his personal Twitter account that he’s going to “put out his biggest song ever in 2022,” which piques excitement for his fans all around.

On that note, now in welcoming 2022, Anson Seabra released his latest single entitled ‘Come Close’.

Who is he coming close to? Lets read on…

The song highlights a central message of heartbreak and wishing for their partners to find someone “who puts you first, who keeps you close, who knows your heart, and sees your worth.”

Along with that, Anson has plans to go on his first solo US tour, kicking off on April 19 in Dallas, Texas and concluding  on May 11 in Los Angeles, California. 

Tickets will be available starting Jan. 14 here: or just CLICK HERE to purchase.

To date, the singer’s  fan base has skyrocketed from the past year, now having 5.5 million listeners on Spotify, 758k subscribers on YouTube, 1.9 million TikTok followers, and 3.2k followers on his newly-opened Twitch account.

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