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DURING this time of struggles and hardship due to pandemic COVID-19 and flood disasters,  it is wisely to spend minimum and purchase whatever is a necessity.

On that note, whatever campaigns offered its best to consider and if you are always on the go and working from home yet needed time to relax by watching your favourtie programs on tv especially Astro customers and viewers then you might consider this new offer by ASTRO.

With Pakej Jimat 109, Malaysians can now install home fibre internet and get more than 90 Astro channels for only RM109.99/month

This bundle offers unbeatable value as customers can save RM39 a month on their Astro Primary Pack and 30 Mbps broadband subscription.

Wow! 2 in 1… great deal indeed!

Primary Pack customers can enjoy the best of local and international favourites such as, reality hit shows, The Masked Singer S2 Big Stage 2022, popular Malay drama, Ex Aku Pontianak, Korean dramas, The King of Tears, Moonshine, Through the Darkness, English series, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit S22, The Amazing Race S33, Chinese shows such as, Chinese New Year Countdown Gala 2022, Hua Hee Bai Ti Gong, and a special channel for the Chinese New Year, ÜHUU Action! offering exciting Chinese action movies from now until 15 February 2022.

While, customers on the Primary Pack too will receive the Astro Ulti Box and complimentary access to Astro GO which allows them to stream videos at their convenience anytime, anywhere.

In addition, customers will be able to catch up and watch their favourite shows, as Astro Ulti Box has 200 hours of Cloud Storage and access to Video on Demand. 

The Astro & Broadband bundle is unique as it not only caters to the connected lifestyle of a modern family, but also individuals’ needs for information, entertainment and staying connected.

So if you like to save yet enjoy more content and 4K UHD, they can upgrade to the Entertainment Plus Pack and 30Mbps at RM199.99/month for full access to Netflix on the Astro Ultra Box. 

The Ultra experience includes 4K UHD, Cloud Recording seamless access across multiple device screens, Play From Start and Live Pause functions.

Interested customers and for more information on all available offers, please call 03-7481 3000 or visit or for more convenient CLICK HERE.

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