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OFF of the back of her debut EP "AM:PM", which has since crossed 20M streams globally, Stephanie Poetri returns with single "Picture Myself" a collaboration with producer M-Phazes (Madonna, Demi Lovato, Kehlani) and writer Sarah Aarons (Zedd, Flume, Jessie Ware)

Nostalgia and longing are woven into every word of "Picture Myself" as Stephanie contends with the tumult of emotions associated with being in a long distance relationship. 

"You moved out the West and I moved to the city. Made separate beds but I still hold you in my chest when things aren't looking pretty," Stephanie sings over soft strummed acoustic guitar and warm synth melodies. 

The song captures the vulnerability and uncertainty that comes with being away from the one you love, but also a sense of understanding through its intimate lyrics.

The music video, directed by Eileen Yoon, follows Stephanie on a day around New York City, doing the things she used to do with her partner but now alone. 

Sometimes you just want to have someone to share that jumbo slice with.

According to Stephanie, “'Picture Myself' is an acoustic rendition of what long distance feels like and the constant wondering of whether it's worth it or not. As someone who's experienced a long distance relationship, it feels like this song really captures the cycle of worrying and missing and confusion.” 

The cover art for the single was drawn by Stephanie herself and adds an additional personal touch to the project.

About Stephanie Poetri:

Stephanie lives in the alternative and bedroom pop space, where her audience deeply connects with her unfiltered vulnerability. Winning over everyone she meets, fans can't help but adore her quirky and open personality, which shines through the magnitude of her creative talent.

Since her global breakthrough hit I Love You 3000," which along with the remix with Jackson Wang has amassed over 542M streams to date.

Indonesian-American singer songwriter Stephanie has connected with audiences worldwide through her accessible pop songs and videos showcasing her fun-loving personality. 

Her feel-good vibe and optimistic lyrics have connected with over 1.3 Million followers on Instagram and 2.5 Million Monthly Listeners on Spotify. 

Freed by the success of “I Love You 3000,” Stephanie released her debut EP “AM:PM” in March 2021.

 In this EP, she opens up the safe haven of her mind to her fans and invites them into her hopes, hesitations, and dreams.

The tracklist represents the duality between the hopeful and light emotions that can arise during the morning contrasted with the reflective and sometimes melancholy tone of the evening. 

The EP is arranged to take fans through a sonic journey from day to night and has since crossed 20M streams to date. Her new single “Picture Myself,” will open up a new chapter in her career and her artistry.


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