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RECENTLY, 23-year-old South Korean-based artist and emerging R&B singer BIBI has released the irresistible and urgently catchy R&B pop gem entitled The Weekendvia 88rising

As one of the fastest rising stars in Korea, BIBI has already amassed over one million monthly listeners on Spotify and was included in Spotify’s “2020 Top 5 Most Streamed Radar Korea Artists.” 

Her new single, "The Weekend," is a female empowerment anthem that exemplifies BIBI’s signature charm. 

Throughout the track, which was written by Dava and produced by Pink Slip, as well as producer duo Max & Kyle, BIBI reflects a previous fling — her longing juxtaposed with a slick retro beat and an addictive hook.

The single is part of 88rising’s upcoming album, 'Head In The Clouds 3'. 

The Fun Mode music video, directed by Segaji, was also released in partnership with Samsung #withGalaxy

The video features BIBI strutting through a vibrant Seoul, adorned in AR outfits created by digital designers from around the world exclusively for Samsung Galaxy A's Fun Mode. 

With the help of Samsung’s creative partner, global design and marketing consultancy R/GA, BIBI extended her stage to her fans, giving everyone a chance to be featured by submitting content that shows off their style #withGalaxy. 

From street style to leopard print-inspired hair, BIBI selected her fans’ best looks to appear alongside hers. The video is an emblematic portrayal of BIBI's bright and confident personality. 


Following the hit singles California (feat. Warren Hue)” and Ylona Garcia’s Don’t Go Changing,” “The Weekend” is also the newest single off the upcoming Head In The Clouds III, 88rising’s game-changing third installation of the world-building, collaborative effort bringing together rising artists from East to West. 

An album of 88's closest friends, family, and collaborators that brings together listeners from around the world into the universe of the Asian-American experience, HITC3 is due out in early 2022. 

It was preceded by the return of 88rising’s acclaimed Head In The Clouds Festival on November 6th and 7th in Pasadena, CA.

About BIBI:

BIBI is a singer, songwriter, and actor based in South Korea. As one of the fastest-rising stars in Korea, she has already amassed over 1 million monthly listeners on Spotify and was selected as Spotify’s “2020 Top 5 Most Streamed Radar Korea Artist.”


In addition, her single, “I’m Good at Goodbyes” was selected as one of Billboard’s “Best K-Pop Songs of 2020: Top 20.” She also performed as the only Korean artist at “From Milan with Love: Next Gen,” a show championing emerging talents created by AC Milan and Roc Nation, hosted by DJ Khaled. She has also collaborated with numerous artists including Twice, Zico, Crush, J.Y. Park, as well as Tiger JK, Yoonmirae, and Bizzy from Feel Ghood Music.


Her latest EP, “Life is a Bi…” is an experimental and truly captivating album in which BIBI beautifully blends an array of genres, including R&B, hip hop, and alt-pop with her lyrical prowess and talent for storytelling. Her music focuses on entrancingly sublimating beautiful sorrows and pains that are alienated and hidden from the world.


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