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just a few short weeks after Maggie Lindemann"s recent single 'How Could You Do This To Me” (feat. Sleeping With Sirens"#Kellin Quinn), the alt/ rock songstress has released her latest collaborative video/track "break me!” featuring siiickbrain

"break me!” is from Maggie"s forthcoming debut album SUCKERPUNCH, which is expected to drop later this year. 

Directed by siiickbrain, "break me!is a chaotic, industrial-tinged video that explores the feelings of "fear and adrenaline” vs. "the calmness and peace” that comes with being in an altered state be it from drugs, alcohol or love, according to Maggie.

"break me!" featuring siiickbrain is about being intoxicated,”  shares Maggie.

"It"s all the feelings it gives you, that rush of fear and adrenaline, but also the calmness and peace. The video is meant to convey the juxtaposition of the two – one moment you're euphoric and the next you feel like you're broken, suffocating and your heart is decaying,” she added.

In April, Maggie announced the title of her full-length with an official website for the album that unlocks special content (liner notes from Maggie, BTS videos, song demos, release dates, mu- sic video trailers, etc) upon completing puzzles/ciphers. 

The site is conceptualized by Maggie with inspiration from the American horror film, ''SAW"

Having accumulated more than a billion streams since she began releasing music in 2015 and following the release of her massively successful single "Pretty Girl” in 2017, Maggie"s sound shifted to align with her own musical inspirations and to motivate a generation of young women searching for their own voices, while putting her unfiltered and uncompromising approach on full display. 

Maggie"s aim is to overcome adversity that is placed on women in music and create music that speaks to her – not a music executive at a label. 

At 23 years old, Maggie has uncovered her authentic voice as a songwriter and injected a fierce dose of vulnerability and honesty regarding anxieties, obsessions, and insecurities into her new material.

Her new collection of tracks featured on SUCKERPUNCH picks up where PARANOIA (>117million streams) left off—with Maggie unapologetically spearheading a generational movement of breaking boundaries and societal expectations. 


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