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IF you are looking for the UK’s notable makeup brand REVOLUTION, there’s no need for a  journey to London as it is now in Malaysia at Watsons store.

Known for its popularity, value and quality, REVOLUTION’s range is perfectly suited for the Malaysian market, making it more exciting for customers and members to have a blast with this revolutionary brand which emphasize that its more than just makeup.

The launch of REVOLUTION was held recently in conjunction with the celebration of International Women’s Day whereby guest and media were mostly clad in Pink, accordingly to the event’s theme.

It was a memorable afternoon, attended by representatives from Watsons Malaysia, including Danny Hoh, the General Manager of Marketing & Customer Growth, and Carrol Tan, the Head of Trading.

Guest were treated to a makeup demonstration by a renowned makeup artist, giving them a firsthand experience of wearing REVOLUTION.

Indeed,  it was an exciting time for makeup enthusiasts in Malaysia.

The cosmetic products range includes foundation, eye palettes, lipsticks, primer, fixing spray and more. 

The goal is to provide our customers with the latest ingredients, technology, and formulations at an affordable price.

‘We are passionate about breaking down barriers that may hinder people from enjoying beauty, whether it’s due to price, limited shade range, or accessibility, and believe that everyone deserves to feel confident and beautiful,” said Joanne Yeoh, the Business Developer Manager of Deanne Trading.

Their values revolve around providing real value and quality while offering innovative and trendsetting products that promote inclusivity and diversity.

REVOLUTION firmly believes that makeup should be affordable without compromising on quality. 

“They aim to make it accessible to everyone, empowering women worldwide and coinciding with the celebration of International Women’s Day,” added Joanne.

On that note, tthe exclusive distributor of REVOLUTION in Malaysia, is confident that Watsons is the ideal partner to communicate REVOLUTION’s ideology.

They strive to bring the latest technology in formulas and ingredients at the most affordable price, ensuring that Watsons’ customers and everyone can enjoy the beauty in terms of price, shade range, and accessibility through Watsons stores and online. 

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