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PARTNERING with the Women’s Aid Organisation (WAO), a non-governmental organisation for women's rights and gender equality in Malaysia, global apparel retailer UNIQLO, reaffirmed its commitment to empowering women by hosting an insightful dialogue session with local personalities.

The session which occured in conjuction with International Women’s Day, themed “Drive, Daring, Destiny” at Uniqlo Store, TRX Exchange recently, represented a significant step towards fostering a culture of empowerment and resilience among women from all walks of life.

“In celebrating International Women’s Day, we recognize the vital role women play in shaping our society and economy. These dialogue sessions serve as a platform to amplify their voices, celebrate their achievements, and address the challenges they face. By fostering a supportive community and providing opportunities for dialogue and mentorship, we aim to empower women to realize their full potential,” said Alwiyah Alhadad, Marketing Director of UNIQLO Malaysia.

At the dialogue session, UNIQLO hosted by Maggy Wang brought together influential women entrepreneurs and thought leaders to share their experiences and insights, namely  local personality, Bella Zahir (for the brand, Ruhi and Amy Tai, founder of the local footwear brand, Machino (derived from Malay, Chinese and Others) as well as Joanne representing  the Women's Aid Organization.

The session delved into various aspects of women’s empowerment, including navigating challenges, seizing opportunities, and prioritising mental well-being. 

By showcasing the achievements and journeys of successful women, the dialogue aimed to inspire and empower others to pursue their goals with confidence.

UNIQLO’s commitment to women's empowerment extends beyond dialogue sessions to its product offerings. 

UNIQLO Women’s Innerwear, designed with comfort and confidence in mind, enables women to navigate their daily lives with ease and self-assurance.

The event highlights some of its standout products, including the Wireless Bra (3D Hold), crafted to provide exceptional support and comfort for all-day wear.

The Wireless Bra (Ultra Relax) offers unparalleled relaxation without compromising on style, while the Wireless Bra (Stretch Lace) combines elegance with flexibility for a perfect fit.

By fostering empowerment through both dialogue and practical solutions, UNIQLO remains committed to advancing gender equality and fostering positive change in communities worldwide. By empowering women both through dialogue and practical solutions, UNIQLO continues to champion gender equality and inspire positive change in communities worldwide.

For more information about UNIQLO and its sustainability initiatives, please visit or visit HERE.

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