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In conjunction with Eid al-Fitr celebration coming soon, global apparel retailer UNIQLO is bringing comfort and simplicity to the moments of Raya with a five-day pop-up, “Balik Raya in Comfort”, located at UNIQLO Store, The Exchange TRX.

Beginning 20th to 24 March, UNIQLO is gearing up to offer all-inclusive options, ensuring everyone can dress their best comfortably for their annual balik kampung trip.

On that note, UNIQLO is offering a range of quality LifeWear essentials suitable for the entire family’s Eid fashion. 

UNIQLO's essential Eid items come in a soft, natural color palette. Apart from being easy to mix and match, they also complement each other perfectly when worn together with family.

The 'Balik Raya with Comfort' pop-up features a train-inspired setup that evokes the nostalgia of returning to your hometown.

It showcases the signature UNIQLO product lines – AIRism, Rayon, and Linens – as part of the UNIQLO Raya 2024 collection. 

Explore a variety of diverse and stylish items, including popular lines such as the breathable and comfortable AIRism collection, the timeless elegance of Linens, the Rayon pieces, and the traditional yet contemporary Baju Melayu collection.

Styling Workshop donning Raya 2024 collection.

A special styling workshop featuring Ardi and Sri Azni took center stage, showcasing a variety of styles with a focus on modest wear and illustrating creative ways to style LifeWear for the Raya season. Participants gained valuable insights on curating looks using signature fabrics such as AIRism, Rayon, and Linens, offering diverse options for different Raya looks.

UNIQLO Raya 2024 Collection 

The UNIQLO Raya 2024 collection is designed to offer a stylish and comfortable experience for everyone celebrating Raya. 

Featuring the five ambassadors - Mira Filzah, Dr. Syazril, Sofea Shra, Daiyan Trisha, and Hun Haqeem - the collection brings different personalities and feelings, ensuring there's something for everyone, regardless of individual tastes or preferences.

For more information about UNIQLO’s Raya 2024 Collection, please visit 

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