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IN SPITE  of being a young exchange,  MoonXBT understands that one of the greatest assets of the crypto industry is traders. Traders provide consistent market insights and strategies to benefit the community, and evoke information exchanges among the members to strengthen the connection. 

However, most of the traders make limited profits which do not match their trading skills excellency due to capital insufficiency. Also, for most of the large exchanges, they remain as regular users even after becoming opinion leaders of communities. Perhaps most sadly, traders struggle between pursuing the trading hobby and getting a decent job because of the infeasibility of turning trading into a professional career. 


But now, MoonXBT is making the change for the traders. 


As one of the few social trading platforms, MoonXBT has the copy trading function which allows traders to become professional traders for regular users to follow them. 

This monetizes traders’ strategies and brings them extra earnings. At the same time, it builds up the influence of the traders among the copiers and users in general to provide foundations for the traders’ further career.  


Just recently, MoonXBT has launched the pro-trader, i.e. professional trader, recruitment global campaign to help traders all around the world to become full-fledged to develop trading careers and experience the new “trader social economy” on MoonXBT. 

What can you get by becoming a pro-trader on MoonXBT?


First and foremost, a pro-trader can share 10% of the profit from all the copied orders. This may not make a trader the crypto wolf of wall street, but being able to manage the capital accumulated from the copy traders definitely amplifies the earning capacity of one’s strategy, and frankly, brings a sense of being a small crypto fund manager to the trader. 


In addition, traders are also rewarded for acquiring their own followers. They can take advantage of their own social resources as well as the platform’s referral plan. Once they attract users to become their copiers, they will share up to 50% of the transaction fee revenue from the total trading volume of the above users. 


Besides the earned income, pro-traders even have passive income on the platform. They can get monthly paychecks from MoonXBT when the trading volume of all their copy traders reach certain levels. The paychecks vary according to the copy trading volume. If the monthly paycheck is not surprising enough, MoonXBT also sets a monthly bonus of up to 10.000 bonus to give extra reward to the pro-traders with exceptional performance. 


As can be seen from the above, pro-traders will have diverse revenues which also provide sustainability for traders to consistently invest their time and effort. It also showcases MoonXBT’s strong determination and effort in making it easy for pro-traders to earn and to accomplish. 


As for the copy traders, they will also benefit from following the pro-traders in terms of saving time and energy in studying the markets and sharing the gains from the professional trading strategies. 

How to become a pro-trader on MoonXBT?


The threshold for becoming a pro-trader on MoonXBT is not high. With 500 USDT of deposit, one can start the application. After being approved, the trader can start his or her operation with a requirement of at least one transaction per day. 


It’s not hard to become a pro-trader on MoonXBT, but like any business in the world, sustainable profit only comes with consistent work. Pro-traders need to constantly deliver solid trading performance which will be reflected in the ROR (loss and profit / total transactions) or win rate numbers to keep their followers. 


Also, in order to expand earnings, pro-traders can make use of their own social influence, be they social media or groups to promote copy trading of MoonXBT, so that they will gain more followers on the platform. 


Overall, with all the offerings and support from MoonXBT, it seems the pro-traders have more chances to succeed than to fail. It also presents a window for the crypto industry to see how empowering traders and using social factors can bring new momentum to the industry. 


About MoonXBT

MoonXBT is the world's first social cryptocurrency trading platform, with headquarters in the Cayman Islands and offices in Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, South Korea, Japan, and Vietnam

At present, MoonXBT provides contract trading, social interaction, and one-click copy trading services for global traders and is committed to building a closer blockchain ecosystem. 


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