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NORWEGIAN singer and songwriter, Sigrid Solbakk Raabe, known mononymously as Sigrid announces her highly anticipated second album “How To Let Go”, set for release on 6 May 2022.

After winning Best Collaboration at the NME Awards 2022 for pop firecracker ‘Head on Fire’ with Griff, Sigrid, 'How To Let Go' is her pop sensation’s follow up to 2019’s critically acclaimed UK top 5 album, 'Sucker Punch'.

The past two years have been a time of deep reflection for Sigrid, having returned to Norway during the pandemic from LA for more experiments in pop alchemy, and coming home with two very special songs under her belt; last summer’s empowerment anthem ‘Mirror’, and ‘It Gets Dark’, the 25-year-olds thundering ode to accepting the bad times so the good moments can break through: “It gets dark, so I can see the stars”.

With all instruments recorded live and built around a stadium ready bassline and a sky-scraping guitar figure, lyrically ‘It Gets Dark’ pulls off that very Sigrid trick of zooming in on the personal while keeping it universal, and looks closely at the two sides of her personality and how they’ve been magnified by being in the spotlight.

The 12-track LP ‘How To Let Go’ was written at a time where Sigrid was thinking a lot about her life in Norway and her life outside of Norway.

“They’re two different things. The chill girl who loves to ski and hike and cook versus the other part of me that’s like ‘let’s go out’, or let’s play massive shows, go on stage and not be scared of anything. I used to be so shy as a kid but then when I’m on stage at Glastonbury for example I love losing myself in it.”

Sigrid comments that sometimes those personalities clash and you get confused about what makes you thrive in life, wanting both parts but realising sometimes they don’t always align.

This sense of differing perspectives and looking at the same thing from a new angle, is reflected in the amazingly surrealist video for ‘It Gets Dark’, which was made with Mirror director Femke Huurdeman and CANADA (Dua Lipa, Rosalia), featuring Sigrid escaping to space.

To celebrate the theme, Sigrid has teamed up with the star-gazing app Star Walk 2, which allows fans to explore the wonders of the night sky and uncover a special constellation whilst listening to ‘It Gets Dark’.

Writing huge pop songs from the heart with that rasp,and recalling great vocalists from Stevie Nicks to Carole King and Freddie Mercury, since Sigrid’s ascent to pop stardom in 2017, she has achieved every accolade a young artist from a small town off the coast of Norway could ever have imagined.

From releasing her critically acclaimed debut EP 'Don’t Kill My Vibe', to winning the 'Sound of 2018', performing across the globe at The Royal Variety Show, the Nobel Peace Prize, headlining her first Arena show at 3Arena in Dublin to 12,000 fans, and that Glastonbury performance to 30,000 festival goers and millions at home: Sigrid lit up stages with her non-conformist and progressive attitudes to the femininity in pop.

Ending 2019 with a 5* (The Times) headline show at London’s Eventim Apollo, Sigrid has become renowned for her high-energy live shows, writing anthemic chorus’ for festivals that would become her definitive stage.

It’s no surprise that the only place Sigrid feels truly she can take out “all those emotions” is performing live with her band.Last summer, Sigrid was the most highly billed woman on the MainStage on Saturday at Reading & Leeds festival, and this Winter will bring her huge live show to the UK and Ireland, headlining Wembley’s SSE Arena on 12 November 2022.

With 1.3 Billion global streams and over 1 Million global album unit sales, and the Platinum certified success of pop-dance anthemStrangers, Sigrid returned to the world stage with the “empowerment anthem” (ELLE) ‘Mirror’, followed by the ABBA-inspired synth banger ‘Burning Bridges’, which showed Sigrid’s immense pop songwriting talent.

Then, having soundtracked the BBC Olympic closing montage with her stunning ballad‘Home To You’, the pop star released the ‘Home To You (This Christmas)’ version, spellbinding families at home over the holidays with an incredible Top Of The Pops performance, and cementing Sigrid’s position as the‘voice’ in alt-pop.

But it was a chance meeting with BRITs Rising Star winner Griff at the fashion show, where the pair bonded over pizza and pop music that her biggest collab yet was born.

‘Head On Fire’ premiered as Hottest Record in the world, was added straight to the BBC Radio 1 playlist, and showed two young women in the industry supporting one another -the collaboration stemming from the power of female friendship, and now an NME Award to celebrate their work together.

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