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ANOTHER rising rapper singer, Indonesian born alike Rich Brian, 22, but much younger, Warren Hue, 19, recently releases his new track ‘WEST’ with and accompanying music video via 88rising.

Produced by 88rising go-to production wizards Bekon & The Donuts (Kendrick Lamar, SZA, Rich Brian), “WEST” hypnotizes from the jump with a mesmerizing reel-to-reel tape loop that feels equal parts nostalgic and triumphant. 

The single is accompanied by a music video directed by James Defina and features a cameo from labelmate and collaborator Rich Brian.

“I wrote ‘WEST’ based on my experiences living in Los Angeles - it’s a song about my progression in my music career. It's a catchy trap groove and shouldn’t be taken too seriously - it’s intended to be fun. I was inspired by artists like Drake, Lil Uzi, and the 2017 hip-hop scene. The process was just what came naturally to me,” said Hue about the track.

In less than a year, Warren Hue has grown from hometown hero to international sensation - featuring prominently in Marvel Studios’ Shang-Chi & The Legend of the Ten Rings soundtrack, the pages of The New York Times, and in brand endorsements from Samsung and Microsoft. 

“WEST” is Warren’s victory lap - breezily reveling in his high-flying lifestyle of designer brands and West Coast parties. 

Hue emerged earlier this year with his debut release with the pioneering Asian music collective 88rising, “omomo punk.” 

Upon release, the track was playlisted on Spotify’s “New Music Friday” in 13 countries including the US, Indonesia and more. 

Additional playlisting includes Apple Music New Music Daily in 11 markets, Fresh Waves and New This Week. 

In May, Hue released “Too Many Tears,” the lead single from collaboration album Head in the Clouds that features 88rising artists and more. 

The release was accompanied by the launch of TOOMANYTEARS.AI, where 88rising and Microsoft partnered to develop an audio-visual experience using AI to analyze video of the skyline of the San Gabriel Valley and remix stems from the track. 

These releases combined have amassed over 5 million video views and streams worldwide.

The release of this record will be closely followed by Hue’s debut live performance at 88rising’s Head In The Clouds Festival, taking place November 6 and 7 in Pasadena at The Rose Bowl.  

For tickets and more information, please visit

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